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Molten Labyrinth is the fourth map in the fourth episode, Gift From an Angel, in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Vulcanus, in possession of the pendant, cackles to himself about Flonne's fate. The pendant glows brightly and hurts him, and he discards it. It lands on the head of Mid-Boss, who thanks the heavens for such a beautiful gift. Laharl walks up in time to hear, and mocks him. Flonne recognizes her pendant, and asks for it back. Vyers regretfully declines. Flonne says the pendant punishes those with a wicked heart, and ... marvels when Vyers isn't.


The Killer Armors live up to their name, being reasonably difficult to kill and also dishing the damage if you let them. The Nightmares still cast painful spells. It is possible to engage slowly, take out a few at a time. Keep the Healers buffing the DPSers, so when Vyers approaches, everyone is shielded and bravehearted. It will take as high a chain as you can stack to kill him, and he probably won't go down in one round unless you're lucky.


An injured Vyers protests that his name isn't Mid-Boss, but is the Dark Adonis. As he teeters off, he falls, and the pendant falls towards the lava.

Laharl jumps to save it.

When he comes back, Flonne's jaw is on the floor. Laharl says "Hurry up and take it, my hand is burning. The pendant is telling me my heart is wicked; that's good." Flonne takes the pendant and thanks Laharl. He flinches, and demands his reward. Flonne says her gift is the warmth Laharl should be feeling in his heart, for having done something kind.

Laharl is incensed that he was tricked by an angel. Etna applauds Flonne's ability to deceive the Prince. Flonne is happy, now that she knows there is kindness and therefore love inside Laharl's heart, because that means someday there can be friendship between angels and demons. Etna warns her that most demons would choke her from behind without a second thought.

Vulcanus concludes that Flonne is working with the demons, controlling them to do her bidding. He retreats for now, but promises to return later.