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Millenium Ice is the 7th map in Chronicles of Etnarnia (Continued), and final story map of Etna Mode.


(Post-battle) Vulcanus dissappears. Vyers arrives and assures them he did not escape. He will suffer the wrath of the Seraph. Etna's memories are finally restored in full and she remembers a promise she made to the late King: to protect Laharl and help him become a great overlord. But alas, she killed the Prince. Vyers reminds Etna of who Laharl is...


Throw all Geo Symbols on the purple panels. Then fill in the remaining spots with some characters so they receive all the benifits. The Angel Cadets won't move from their spot. So once all the other enemies are dealt with, either remove the Geo Symbols from the purple panels, or remove the Cadets from the purple panels (for example by using Fist skills). Afterwards, it's easy to gang up on Vulcanus.