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Miabel Doll is a character from the Marl Kingdom series, specifically appearing as the main protagonist of Princess Antiphona's Hymn. The youngest daughter of the Doll family, she is a hard-worker and a great singer, but suffers from stage fright.


The kingdom of Antiphona is having its annual music festival. However, the lead vocalist Lily (who is Miabell's sister and was about to become a priestess) has had her voice stolen by a demon. This prompts Miabell, her sister Clara, and their friends to go on a quest to restore Lily's voice and bring back the music.


Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days[]

Miabell appears as a DLC character in Disgaea 2. When summoned in an attempt to find "The Best Younger Sister in All of History", Hanako gets enraged that she wasn't summoned instead. This leads to her attempting to coerce Adell into fighting her. However, Miabell's cuteness immediately submits Adell, and does the same to Rozalin and Hanako shortly after they attempt to fight her. The three then decide to make Miabell their younger sister, much to her confusion.