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“La la la♪ This is the wonderful Musical World♪ And on that note, my name is Melodia, the Princess and Heroine of this land!”
—Melodia introducing herself

Melodia is a playable character in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny. She is a princess who dreams of having a beautiful love story. She wishes for a true happy ending and loves to sing. She takes any chance to show off her voice.



Melodia is a female demon with a young appearance and an ample bosom. She has red eyes. She has long, black hair tied into a ponytail. She wears a white tiara and white wings on her head. She wears white heart-shaped earrings. She wears a white collar styled with white bats. She wears a long, white frilly dress reminiscent of a wedding dress that bears white bat motifs on her sleeves and the bodice of the dress. She wears white stockings fashioned with white bat motifs at the hip of the stockings. She wears black pumps.


“A carefree maiden craving romance who bursts into song at any chance♪”
—Character introduction

Melodia has a carefree personality in that she is eager to seek and marry a new prince. She often sings as she speaks, much to the frustration of the group. She has a callous disposition when it comes to her new princes, possibly becoming hardened as her meeting with Zed made him the 666th prince she has tried to marry. Although she initially truly believed in happy endings, the God of Destruction killing all of her princes has soured her nature towards that path, creating a two-faced character within her.

Throughout their adventure in the Musical World, she is insulted by Zed's refusal of her advances, showing her haughtier side and stating that she should be the highest honor any prince would strive for. His refusal causes her to perceive him as a disgusting zombie freak. When it's revealed to her that Zed has a sister, she displays a malicious nature as she seeks to exploit the info for her own happy ending. Despite her annoyance of Zed, she is stubborn and determined to make him her prince. She has an intense fascination with the concept of love.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

“A Princess who dreams of having a beautiful love story. She wishes for a true happy ending, and loves to sing. She takes any chance to she gets to show off her voice.”

Melodia first meets Zed, Misedor and Cerberus in the Musical World and introduces herself upon their arrival. She tells the group that she is looking for a prince and a happy ending and tries to make Zed her new prince. He constantly rebuffs her advances, much to her annoyance. While traversing the Musical World, she constantly tries to look for ways to make Zed submit to being her prince but is always rebuffed and redirected towards Misedor. Her fascination with the power of love inspires Zed to believe that there are more strengths beyond violence. As they arrive to fight the God of Destruction, she tries to coerce Zed into a combo love attack with her but he pushes her once again towards Misedor, much to her dismay and his excitement. The group fails to defeat the God of Destruction and are promptly wiped out. She accompanies Zed's group through Super Reincarnation and finds herself in the world of the Ultra Chroma Power Squad Prism Rangers.

Upon revisiting the Musical World once more, Melodia and the group encounter her sister Naive.


Other appearances[]

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless[]

Disgaea RPG[]

Melodia appears as an obtainable character.



  • Melodia breaks the fourth wall when she sings about her romantic interests being an old man, a pug and a zombie, prompting her to call for the developers to fix a bug.