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“The Dragon's Sin of Wrath and captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, as well as the owner of the renowned tavern Boar Hat.”

Meliodas, also known as the Dragon's Sin of Wrath, is one of the main characters of the anime series The Seven Deadly Sins. He appears in Disgaea RPG as an obtainable character through the The Seven Deadly Sins collaboration alongside Elizabeth, Ban, Diane, Gowther, King and Merlin.

Meliodas is the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins and is an owner of the tavern, Boar Hat. Meliodas represents the Dragon's Sin of Wrath.



Meliodas retains his appearance from the The Seven Deadly Sins series.

Meliodas is a short, young man who appears to be a child. He has short tousled blond hair and an excessive cowlick jutting out the top part of his head. He has green eyes. He wears an oversized collared white dress shirt with sleeves. He wears a red necktie. He wears an oversized blue vest over his shirt. He wears a brown satchel holding his sword. He wears white pantaloons. He wears black boots with green accents.


Meliodas retains his personality from the The Seven Deadly Sins series.

Meliodas is a frank person who does not show signs of fear. He is known for maintaining his composure, his strong sense of justice and an affinity for humor. Although he is normally a calm person, when enraged, Meliodas exemplifies the Sin of Wrath by becoming very determined and vengeful in his rage. Despite the severity of his rage, he dislikes killing.


The Seven Deadly Sins[]

For more information on his story from The Seven Deadly Sins, please visit the Nanatsu no Taizai Wiki

Meliodas and Hawk encounter Elizabeth who is looking for the Seven Deadly Sins. Upon saving her from peril, he invites her to join him on the Boar Hat, starting their adventure.

Disgaea RPG[]



Stats Lv. 1 (4★) Lv. 9999 (6★)
HP 128 37507950
ATK 46 13502850
DEF 35 10502100
INT 27 7501800
RES 31 9001950
SPD 53 53
CRT 4% 4%
CRD 140% 140%


Elements Affinity
Fire 25%
Ice 0%
Wind 0%
Star 0%


Status Effects Affinity
Poison 40%
Paralyze 40%
Sleep 40%
Forget 40%

Weapon mastery[]

Weapon Affinity
Sword 10
Fist 4
Spear 4
Bow 4
Gun 4
Axe 4
Wand 4


Condition Name Description
Default Captain's Orders Party ATK / HP + 15%
N.E. +1 Glimpse of Darkness Damage that you do with a special move + 55%
N.E. +5 Down to Business At the beginning of the battle, your ATK + 45% (3 turns)
N.E. +7 Alrighty Then! SP consumed when you are equipped with a sword weapon- 15%


Lv. Name Power SP Target ATT Dep Description
1 Enchant: Hellblaze G+ > F 25 > 19 Aoe / Self Fire ATK Here we go.
ATK+ 5%
200 Demon Sword Lostvayne F > F+ 40 > 33 AoE / Self Fire ATK You hurt someone who's precious to me.
ATK+ 25%
N.E. +3 Divine Slayer S > S 70 > 60 Single / Self Fire ATK You got me really angry...!
The lower you remaining HP, the more damage this skill deals


Mastery Name Power SP Target Att DEP Description
4 Braveheart 10 > 4 Ally Increases ATK of the target (3 Turns) ATK+20 > 35%
9 Shield 10 > 4 Ally Increases DEF of the target (3 Turns) DEF+20 > 35%
15 Magic Wall 10 > 4 Ally Increases RES of the target (3 Turns) RES+20>35%
22 Mega Braveheart 20 > 14 Ally Greatly increases ATK of the target (3 Turns) ATK+40 > 55%
30 Mega Shield 20 > 14 Ally Greatly increases DEF of the target (3 Turns) DEF+40 > 55%
40 Mega Magic Wall 20 > 14 Ally Greatly increases RES of the target (3 Turns) RES+40 > 55%

Nether Enhancement[]

Enhancement Description
+1 Unlock Evility: Glimpse of Darkness
+2 Parameters +30%
+3 Unlock Skill: Divine Slayer
+4 Parameters +10%
+5 Unlock Evility: Down to Business
+6 Parameters +30%
+7 Unlock Evility: Alrighty Then!
+8 Parameters +10%
+9 Parameters +10%
+10 Parameters +10%

Team affinity[]

Meliodas has a higher affinity for performing team attacks with the following units:

DRPG Elizabeth Liones Icon 1
DRPG Ban Icon 1
DRPG Diane Icon 1
File:DRPG Gowther Icon 1.png
File:DRPG Merlin Icon 1.png
File:DRPG King Icon 1.png
DRPG Elizabeth Liones Icon 2
Devil Girl Elizabeth
DRPG Etna Icon 5
Liones Princess Etna






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