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“Listen! Do not forget I am with you! Believe in me! Trust the evil fiend next to you! Take back your freedom!”
—Master Big Star, Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

Master Big Star is a character in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. The charismatic leader of the Sophomores. "Master" is his first name. He has an elegant bearing overflowing with refinement, but also has a strong belief in leading his Sophomores kindly. He likes manly men and commanding the Sophomores as their leader, as well as the "Master" in his name. His dislikes include unmanly men and being called first on a list arranged by kanji. His dream for the future is for everyone to become a Sophomore. Master Big Star joins your party in the final fight, however he leaves before the Epilogue chapter can start.



Master Big Star is a tall, slim humanoid demon with pale skin and white, thin wings that he rests over his shoulders to wear like a cape. His hair is long and dark brown, curling outward and covering his right eye in most appearances. Two large strands stick up exceptionally high from the top of his head. His visible eye is big, usually half-lidded or closed, and has a large, red iris without a pupil. Although some of his sprites show him with two eyes, in the majority of artwork of him only one is visible, with the spot where the other should be being shown as smooth skin in his cut-ins and the opening movie. His HD sprites also do not show him with a second eye. In his cut-ins and portraits, it can be seen that he has very long eyelashes.

Master Big Star dresses in a stylised, garish yellow coat with a long, flaring hem, cut into two points and featuring a long button-up beneath it. He wears a white cravat over the button-up, bound with a red gemstone at the collar. The shoulders of his coat feature brown epaulettes with white tassels. He also wears poofy, brown trousers and knee-length boots with golden, star-shaped spurs on them.

Master Big Star's feminine, glittery style seems to take influence from classical shoujo manga art styles, complete with the excessive sparkles and roses that he spawns from an unknown source.


Master Big Star is a suave, charismatic man beloved by his students, who look up to him for how caring he is toward them. He initially comes across as somewhat conceited, talking down to Mao and heavily critiquing his leadership skills. He keeps an aloof, cool-headed attitude throughout most circumstances, regardless of how dire, and is depicted as an optimist. He often speaks in flowery, poetic metaphors and similes. Master Big Star places a large amount of value in love, trust, and friendship, putting the fact that he is considered strong down to how he has trusting bonds with his friends and allies, making both Master Big Star himself and them stronger in turn. He's somewhat appearance-conscience, a fact demonstrated in some of his dialogue where he mentions being interested in getting beauty tips from an angel. Although shown to be something of a tactician and schemer in how he organises his subordinates, he also seems to be quite airheaded on some occasions.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice[]

Master Big Star first appears in Chapter 5: Grand War. Initially he is seen conversing with his Aide about Mao's party, who have managed to escape being hypnotised. Recognising Mao to be the Overlord's son, he calls his escape "amusing."

He next appears when Mao and company head out to the Sophomore classrooms. He interrupts Mao's insulting of the Sophomore and Senior classes, criticising him and calling his actions stupid. He goes on to call Mao irresponsible and blind to weakness, further stoking Mao's anger, but he's called away by his Aide to join his army on the battlefield before Mao can learn anything about him. Despite seeming to think Mao incapable, he leaves the almost-cleared field to Mao to deal with, showing that he has some level of trust in his ability and leaving him with the hope to see him show "a little potential for becoming the next Overlord." Mao is angered by his haughtiness, demanding to know just who he thinks he is, and Almaz responds saying that he's Master Big Star and that he's amazing. Raspberyl joins him, saying Master Big Star lives up to his reputation, and Sapphire comments that, unlike Mao, he has the caliber for leadership. Mr. Champloo agrees, revealing that it was Master Big Star's power that kept the Sophomores safe from the Seniors' hypnosis. After the battle, Mao orders the party to go after Master Big Star in hopes of making him atone for looking down on his powers.

When the Seniors attack, Master Big Star is on the field giving orders. The Senior forces are targeting him specifically, with one enemy unit proclaiming intentions to make the battlefield his grave. Despite the Sophomore forces being outmatched by the Seniors, Master Big Star retains his aloof, relaxed attitude. When Mao mocks him for having no chance of winning without his help, Master Big Star responds by saying that it's a leader's role to make victory guaranteed. Raspberyl interrupts to tell both of them that with them both being Class Leaders, cooperation will lead them to victory. Champloo joins in, insisting that the two of them work together. After the battle, Master Big Star praises Mao's fighting skills. Before they can truly converse, however, Aide appears again to warn that the enemy has almost obliterated another of the Sophomores' forces. Master Big Star prepares to depart, saying that his friends are waiting for his help and prompting Mao to once again question the value of friendship and love. Master Big Star once again emphasises the importance of friends before leaving.

He next appears as Salvatore prepares to attack Mao, claiming business with her. Salvatore calls him "trash with spirit," and Almaz helpfully points out that Master is his first name. As Mao yells at him to stay out of this, Master Big Star leaps from his spot atop one of the battlefield structures, saying he can't stay out of things due to this being a Sophomore classroom. He goes on to say he must fight for his fallen friends, and that he can't stop until his own life ends. When Mao questions why he should sacrifice himself for his "servants," and Master Big Star explains that standing together with them makes both he and his friends stronger. The party, with Master Big Star as an ally, fight Salvatore. She is resistant to most of their attacks, and expresses disappointment after the fact. When she attempts to execute Mao and instead hits Geoffrey, Master Big Star explains to Mao that although he keeps avoiding it, the fact remains that he has great friends who would sacrifice themselves for him. As Mao considers this, Salvatore makes a cruel comment about her hands being dirtied with an old man blood. This drives Mao into a rage that he's brought out of only by a dying Geoffrey and Champloo's combined efforts. When the bell rings and Salvatore leaves, Master Big Star comments that they've all barely made it with their lives. When Sapphire suggests assassinating Salvatore, he comments that she's quite an extreme lady, but sadly that won't be possible, as he has no idea where the Senior classrooms are. When Raspberyl offers that they join forces against their common enemy, he refuses, saying that he'll happily fight with them when Mao becomes a true leader. He then leaves as Mao and Geoffrey speak further.

The end of chapter bumper narration for Chapter 5 is delivered by Master Big Star, beginning with what sounds like an elegy for Geoffrey, before transitioning into crying out for his "beloved Rosinante," the multi-talented zombie maiden who performed in an unspecified Netherworld stage show. As Mao repeatedly refuses, Master Big Star insists he fill Rosinante's role.

Master Big Star is then absent until the finale, where he reappears to interrupt Beyond X, claiming he can't allow Mao's party to die. He apologises for inelegantly arriving uninvited. When he offers to put aside his and Mao's differences, Mao says that he won't stop him from helping out. Master Big Star comments that Mao has finally become aware of his duties, and has also gained some good friends. As the party go on to confront Aurum, Master Big Star joins in with the criticisms of Aurum's broken view of what it means to be a hero. He then appears again as Mao has his final awakening, calling him a troublesome brat before joining the effort to calm him down. Then, as Aurum takes on his monstrous form, he comments that it is hideous, and the fact that this is what was controlling the Academy is horrifying. Following the credits, Almaz mentions that Mao and Salvatore dueled one another, but that it ended in a draw. When Master Big Star tried to render a decision, both of them insisted that they were the winner and got upset. He does not appear in the credits art.


A few months after the game's ending, several cases of theft are reported around the campus of Evil Academy. As Mao and company set out to find the truth about these mysterious thefts, they encounter Master Bigster. He states that he'd prefer to be left alone and is lacking his usual cheer. When questioned about what's wrong by Almaz, Mao points out that his name has changed. He has had the space and letter "a" in his name stolen, forcing him to buy replacements. However, he could only afford a letter "e," thus changing his name to Master Bigster (in Japanese version, a small tsu "ッ" in his name has been stolen, changing his name to Bigusutā-sama (ビグスター様)). Mao suggests that it may be a text bug, but Master Bigster claims to have already reported it five times, only to be told that it's supposed to be displaying as Master Bigster in that scene. When asked to join the search for the culprit, Master Bigster declines, saying that he has "too much pride to be prancing around with this ridiculous name." He is fought, and when defeated he properly joins the party, thanking Mao for helping him see that sitting around miserable won't fix things. Sapphire offers him her silent "e," saying that he could become Master Bigsteer. Although he is thankful, Master Bigster asks that everyone stop saying his name so often. They refuse.

He briefly appears in Salvatore's scenario, asking what was stolen from her. Master Bigster then appears in Prism Red's recruitment, joining in with the rest of the cast as they steal the Prism Rangers' motto. He next appears in Axel's recruitment. As the party witness Axel performing a near-nonsensical one-man play, Master Bigster joins everyone else in criticising Axel. Specifically, he tells him that he has little elegance despite his claims of stardom, and though he pridefully preens when Axel recognises his own star quality, Master Bigster responds by telling him that, sadly, he sees none of it in him. Axel then fights the party and loses, at which point Master Bigster claims that he was born with his star aura, and so wouldn't need to steal it from Axel. When it is revealed that, allegedly, Tyrant Overlord Baal is behind the theft, Master Bigster says that he's heard no demon has ever survived meeting with him.

The party go to confront Tyrant Baal, who has taken the form of an Eryngii. As everyone demands their missing belongings from him, Master Bigster politely asks for his space and letter "a." Baal claims that he has already given everything back in the form of "friends, encounters, a trusting heart... and more screen time." Master Bigster acknowledges that everyone had been separated for a while. Baal laughs and disappears, and the scenario ends with Master Bigster asking if he'll ever get back his space and letter "a." Immediately after he asks, the credits roll.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention[]

Evil Academy Culture Fair[]

The scenario "Evil Academy Culture Fair" prominently features Master Big Star, teaming up with Mao and Salvatore to try and discover who is threatening the Academy's first Culture Fair. The Sophomore class are running the "Super Elegant Tea Cafe" booth, a maid cafe attraction, which Master Big Star is eager to return to. Mao explains that someone is intending to destroy the fair, and insists that as Class Leaders, Master Big Star and Salvatore must have some idea as to who's behind it. When neither of them know, Mao begins an investigation into every class. Although Master Big Star suggests the culprit may be someone not enrolled at Evil Academy, his idea is shot down and the investigation goes ahead, beginning with the Freshmen class.

First checking out the Freshmen booth, the Haunted House, Master Big Star asks what sort of cheap tricks they can possibly be using to entertain guests, to which Mao responds that the students playing ghosts have been instructed to kill anyone who enters. Master Big Star is impressed, but Salvatore insists that she can't be fooled, and attacks the Freshmen. After all of them are defeated, Master Big Star comments that they all lack the ambition to destroy the Culture Fair.

The next point of investigation is the Sophomore booth, Master Big Star's prior-mentioned Super Elegant Tea Cafe. Salvatore complains that the waitresses address her as "Princess" rather than "Superior," which Master Big Star takes on board as legitimate criticism, revealing that he is entirely devoted to complying with anything his customers want and creating a perfect cafe. Master Big Star declares that no one in such an elegant place could be conspiring, which Mao counters by calling out "suspicious behaviours" (Being welcomed back to a place he's never been, the food all having cursed writing on it, and the staff chanting "Moe Moe Kyun♡" to cast spells and confuse customers.) One of the Vato Brothers then complains that he ordered zombie juice, expecting it to be disgusting, but in fact it is delicious. He demands Master Big Star take responsibility, and so he apologises, promising to replace it with something that will leave the brother "teetering between life and death." Champloo then appears, yelling in protest that he can't serve bad food on purpose. Master Big Star asserts that as this is his class's property, he is in charge and so must be obeyed. Champloo refuses once again, to which Master Big Star declares "All who disrupt our teamwork with their selfishness must be punished, even if they are a teacher," and that he will beat Champloo "body and soul" until he can understand Master Big Star's customer service philosophy. A fight occurs, and Champloo is defeated, finally relenting and taking a zombie maid off to make some fresh zombie juice. Salvatore reveals that she beat up all the zombie maids during the fight, and though pained, Master Big Star begrudgingly accepts that his students' sacrifice has proved the innocence of the Sophomores.

The third investigation is the Senior Class's play, a production of the Netherworld play "Romeeo and Juliety." When Salavatore angrily fires the Prinny playing Romeeo, Master Big Star proudly exclaims that he shall play Romeeo. Ignoring him, Salvatore begins a fight with her own class, knocking out every single one of the actors. Undeterred, Master Big Star is still prepared to take up the role of Romeeo. Mao comments on his seeming-obsession with the part, before pointing out that the show can't go on. Master Big Star is annoyed, taking in the destruction. As Mao and Salvatore discuss seeking out the culprit, Master Big Star comments that he almost forgot that that was the reason they were here, as he got so caught up in getting to play Romeeo.

The trio move on, but are unable to find a culprit. Master Big Star wonders if they were fed false information. Mao once again blames Master Big Star and Salvatore, demanding they bow down and praise the Dean in apology for wreaking havoc on the Culture Fair. Geoffrey X appears and informs Mao that a bomb has been located, planted in the campfire that's been set up for after the fair. As Mao demands they move out to deal with it, Master Big Star points out that it was the three of them that destroyed everything... but that they should make the culprit pay for it anyway, because it wouldn't have happened without news of them. The three of them head out to the fire, discovering the culprit is a small band of grudge-bearing Prinnies. Master Big Star admits that he didn't think there really would be a culprit. As the lead Prinny prepares to blow up the camp fire, it presses the detonator button, only to realise that it brought its TV remote rather than the bomb remote. Master Big Star says that he has also made that mistake before. The Prinny is fought and defeated, and Mao drags it off to dissect it. Left alone at the fire with Salvatore, Master Big Star comments on how they've now saved the festival, and there's nothing to worry about. However, he suspects that someone else is pulling the strings. Upon asking Salvatore for her opinion, she states she doesn't care, because it's the school's problem. Master Big Star agrees. As Salvatore talks about needing to go over the problems with her class's play, Master Big Star asks about the part she was supposed to play. She states that she was going to be a crab. The scene ends.

Death Inst., Majin Academy[]

When Rutile is assigned to clean the Senior classrooms by Mao, she is misdirected to a detention room, where she is found by Master Big Star and Salvatore. She explains that she was sent here to clean, and Master Big Star asks in disbelief if she is a delinquent. Mao's party, led by Raspberyl, find their way into the room. The door closes behind them, and Master Big Star points out that this is bad, for the door can't be opened from the inside. The party are all locked in, and are attacked by the other students that were being held in detention. Mao orders Master Big Star to go and sit in the corner and think about what he did wrong. The students are defeated, but the party are still locked in. Master Big Star mentions the only way in or out is through that door, which was made especially tough to prevent students from escaping. He says that he doesn't think anything can be done, apart from waiting for someone to open the door from the outside. Rutile destroys the door with her Nekomata strength, and Master Big Star thanks her for letting him escape the musty detention room. He does not appear again in this scenario.

Raspberyl Mode[]

Master Big Star appears in Raspberyl mode, first appearing in 1st Period and pretending to be the father of the Vato Brothers, with Salvatore acting as their mother. He battles Raspberyl's party, in order to "see how the children have grown." When defeated, he expresses pride in them, as well as joy that things are no longer laid back and boring. He and Salvatore then become Raspberyl's students. After the defeat of the Super PTA, Master Big Star praises Beryl for "tricking" her allies into believing she is a delinquent.

He next appears in 3rd Period, as Beryl declares class will take place in Celestia, telling Sapphire that Celestia is "not the same place" she's describing when she offers to kill everyone to get them there. He also says that there should be no way to Celestia from Evil Academy, to which Salvatore adds that a former Dean supposedly sealed the path. As Geoffrey quickly prepares a path, he accompanies Beryl and the rest of her party there, and upon arrival describes the atmosphere as soothing. When angels refuse the lot of them entry, Master Big Star steps up to accuse the angels of assuming their intent is to steal. Salvatore then expresses intent to steal. As Raspberyl pleads for no violence, a fight begins and results in the defeat of the angels. As Beryl continues her quest for the heart of an angel, Master Big Star states that coming to Celestia has confirmed he is nothing but a demon, as he can't stand the calm atmosphere. After "Archangel" Flonne tricks Beryl into speaking her true feelings on her rivalry with Mao, Salvatore orders Master Big Star to be her rival, which he accepts.

Finally, he appears in the post-credits scene as one of the many students to have passed Ms. Raspberyl's class.



After the main story is completed, talk to Saya the Shaman to unlock the bill "Meet Master Big Star". After passing the bill, it will unlock an Extra Stage where you will fight Master Bigster. Beating him will make him join you for good, although his name will permanently be Master Bigster unless the player passes an extremely expensive bill in the Classroom Assembly to fix it.

Other appearances[]

Makai Wars[]

Master Big Star appears as an obtainable character.

Disgaea RPG[]

Master Big Star appears in the Japanese release's New Year 2022 event as an obtainable character, During the event's story he befriends Fubuki, and once again has his name altered to read as Master Bigster. He receives a new skill and a few new Evilities in this release, as well as making his debut with HD sprites.