Master Big Star d3s 

Master Big Star

D3 Master Big Star
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice character
Kana ビッグスター様
Romaji Biggusutā-sama
AKA Master Bigster
Japanese Voice actor(s) Chihiro Suzuki
English Voice actor(s) Liam O'Brien
Age 2764
Home Evil Academt
Race Demon
Class Sophomore Leader

Master Big Star is a character in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.

The charismatic leader of the sophomores, the "Master" is part of his real name. He has an elegant bearing overflowing with refinement, but also has a strong belief in leading his sophomores kindly. He likes manly men and commanding the sophomores as their leader, as well as the "Master" in his name. His dislikes include unmanly men and being called first on a list arranged by kanji. His dream for the future is for everyone to become a sophomore. Master Big Star joins your party in the final fight, however he leaves before the Epilogue chapter can start.


After the main story is completed talk to Saya the Shaman to unlock the bill "Meet Master Big Star". After passing the bill, it will unlock an Extra Stage where you will fight Master Big Star. During the cutscene before the fight, it is revealed he has had the space and letter "A" in his name stolen, forcing him to buy a replacement "E", thus changing his name to Master Bigster (in Japanese version, a small tsu "ッ" in his name stolen, thus changing his name to Bigusutā-sama (ビグスター様)). Beating him will make him join you for good.