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Mandatory Repo is a unique skill used by Vulcanus's class, Angel of Avarice, first appearing in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.


"This is completely justified."


Mandatory Repo d4

Mandatory Repo's power level is ranked at an 'F'. The damage dealt by this skill relies on both the user's speed and accuracy. Its range is at 4 and it is not associated with any ailment or element. It is not known at what exact level Vulcanus requires to learn this skill, since it is initially acquired.


Vulcanus first flies straight up into the sky. Upon reaching a certain height, she dives downwards through three consecutive red, yellow, and green hoops, her speed accelerating when going through each one. Vulcanus strikes the target with her foot, creating a massive explosion, leaving several gold coins dropping out from the target.


The move is a blatant reference to the TaToBa Kick used by Toei Productions tokusatsu character Kamen Rider OOO.