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Mana is a recurring gameplay element in Disgaea. It is used as a currency for Dark Assembly Bills, character creation(before Disgaea 5) and Reincarnation. Since Disgaea 3 it's also used for boosting Skills and buying new Evilities.

Not to be confused with the Special Points used to fuel skills, since many other games refer to those points as "mana".

Methods of gaining Mana[]

Mana is earned the exact same way as EXP, by defeating enemies and objects. The Manager Specialist increases Mana gain by 1% per level. Team Attacks and Tower Attacks split the Mana gain amongst participants.

Disgaea 2 introduces Mana Potions, which on use grant Mana equal to its HP value to a character.

Disgaea 3's Robber Shop Club allows its members to steal 50% of the Mana that a character sitting next to them in the Homeroom earns. Upgrading it to True Robber Shop increases the amount to 100%.

Disgaea 4's Aura Pyramid Evil Symbol allows its members to earn 50% of the Mana earned by any other member.

Disgaea 5's Channeling Squad allows its members to earn a percentage of the Mana earned by the Leader(amount depends on Squad level).