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Malice is the energy source of Fear the Great in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, with its core being the human with the most amount of Malice. (In this case, Judge Nemo) Malice has different types of forms.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten[]

In cutscenes involving the character's busts, Malice takes on the appearance of a smoke black and red monster whose body is constantly moving with occasionally glowing eyes. It speaks through the voice of Judge Nemo. It also uses a similar portrait to its bust.

In cutscenes involving the character's sprites and in battle, Malice takes on black and grey colorings of all the generic character classes with small pieces of red and red eyes (except for Prinnies) unless the character has no eyes. These forms of Malice also speak through Nemo's voice, however, the forms of Malice based on female classes (like Mages for example) use a deeper voice.

Since Malice takes on black and grey forms of all the generic character classes with a small piece of red and red eyes if they have them, it doesn't have a unique class in battles. Instead, they use the class' generic name with the word "Malice" at the beginning of it (for example, Malice Slumber Cat). They aren't that different from the normal classes Skill and Evility wise, but their stats are slightly higher than normal and they have no elemental resistance or weakness. Their aptitudes are the same as Tier 3 version of the generic they take the form of (with the exception of Androids). The Malice units are fought all throughout chapter 10, and the final boss can spawn one Malice unit every turn. A Malice version of DES X also exists, though it is permanently magichanged with Nemo.

The player cannot capture Malice units, even if they use Tyrant Valvatorez's No Life King evility which allows for the capturing of other normally unobtainable units.