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Makai Wars (魔界ウォーズ, Makai Wōzu) is a mobile game starring various characters from the Disgaea series and characters from Yuru Dorashiru, otherwise known as Ragna Quest globally. The game tells the story of Asagi, a young woman who wants her own game and is a recurring character from the Disgaea series.


Asagi has a dream about being a capital-H Hero who fights the Final Boss/Desco and encounters her evil twin.

She wakes up, decides that obviously that would never happen to a Normal High School Girl™ like her.

Then she is immediately summoned by Freya from Ragna Quest who tells Asagi that she's secretly a Goddess who must save the multiverse by gathering heroes to fight for Justice. And also because Freya's too lazy to do it herself.[1]


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Main Characters of Makai Wars.

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Although primarily a crossover between Disgaea and Ragna Quest, Makai Wars has featured several collaborations with other games, primarily other Nippon Ichi titles.

Collab Characters (Nippon Ichi)[]

Collab Characters (Non-Nippon Ichi)[]

  • Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui from the Fatal Fury series (SNK).

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