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Main Corridor 3 is the fourth stage in Episode 13: War of the Netherworld, Part 2 in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. This stage is only available in this chapter.


After revealing parts of his tragic past, Kurtis finally faces Gordon in battle to determine who is the true Defender of the Earth.

After the battle, Kurtis admits defeat and asks to end it. But Gordon proposes he fights along side them instead. Kurtis, drained from the battle, accepts, but says he needs to recharge first. Before doing just that, he warns them about Jennifer. The team's imagination goes wild trying to figure out what he means by that.


The difficulty in this stage is caused by the position of the base panel, which is in the middle of the map, and the +150% Enemy Boost Geo panels. So as soon as the stage starts, you are surrounded from all sides by enemies with boosted stats. The positive note is that the enemies are thoughtfully grouped and in perfect position for 3x3 area attacks or spells. So make use of those, if you have them. Spells have an advantage over psysical attacks in this stage, due to the low resistance of the EDF Soldiers.

It will take Kurtis 3 turns to reach you, giving you some time to reduce the numbers of enemies, or even take out some of the Geo panels, which will make this fight a whole lot easier.

Upon revisits of this stage, Kurtis is replaced by a Lv. 60 Psi-Soldier.