Lovers are Specialists exclusive to Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. They provide unique bonuses to different character classes.


In Disgaea 2 and the remake, Lovers have a chance to appear on an item with an empty population slot, provided that item has been worn on a unit and not removed by the player for at least 35 battles. Only equipment of rank five or higher can spawn a Lover. A common item will spawn a level 1 Lover, a Rare, 2, and a Legendary, 3. Lovers boost the stats of the class or story/special character by 1% per level, in addition to conferring a unique-by-class boost.

Unlike the other Specialists encountered in the Item World, who take the form of creatures, Lovers take on the form of their class-generating characters. An Adell Lover looks like Adell, a Kunoichi Lover looks like a Kunoichi. Lovers of non-story characters will have no equipment and be of similar level as the surrounding Item World inhabitants. Lovers of story characters will come equipped with non-stealable copies of the gear that the story character is currently wearing, and are also the same level, with the same stats and resistances, as said story character.


All Lovers, no matter the class, give a 1% stat boost per Lover, in addition to the class-specific bonuses listed below.

One stack of Lover caps at 25.

Generic HumanoidsEdit

These are the humanoid characters that the player can create.

Class Bonus
Male Fighter +1% damage bonus to critical hits when in critical status.
Female Fighter +1% critical hit chance when in critical status.
Mage +1% less SP cost for spells.
Skull +1 spell experience per 2 Lover levels.
Healer +1% damage reduction from elemental attacks.
Thief +1% steal chance.
Sinner +1% counter damage when in critical status.
Beastmaster +1% to stats of adjacent ally monsters.
Geomancer +1 Geo Warp distance per 5 Lover levels.
Heavy Knight +1% DEF when in critical.
Magic Knight +1% damage to elemental spells.
Archer +1 bow range per 10 Lover levels. (seems to cap at +2)
Gunner +1% damage per 2 Lover levels for attacking in a combo.
Ninja +1% dodge rate per 2 Lover levels when in critical.
Kunoichi +1% chance for a double attack per 2 Lover levels when in critical.
Samurai +1% chance to instantly kill with a normal attack when in critical.
Majin No additional bonus
Lady Samurai +1% damage to single targets.
Angel +1% damage reduction from non-elemental attacks to adjacent allies

Generic MonstersEdit

These are the monster characters that the player can create.

Class Bonus
Spirit +1% of max SP recharged per turn.
Zombie +1.25% stat boost instead of usual 1%.
Succubus +1% damage to humanoid males.
Nekomata +1% counter damage boost.
Dragon +1% absorption of fire damage.
Prinny +1% damage when thrown (over usual 50%).
Orc +1% ATK when in critical.
Mothman +1 Move per 10 Lover levels.
Warslug +1% absorption of ice damage.
Alraune 1% less damage from magical attacks.
Mystic Beast +1% absorption of wind damage.
Marionette +1.25% stat boost instead of usual 1%.
Holy Dragon +1% absorption of non-elemental special attack damage
Wood Golem +1% regeneration of maximum HP per turn.
Rifle Demon +1.25% stat boost instead of usual 1%.
Dragon Zombie 1% less damage from physical attacks.
Cockatrice Lowers stats of adjacent enemies by 1%.
Entei +1% stat increase for other any other Entei on map per five Lovers.
Deathsaber +1% damage increased from spaces moved per ten Lovers.
Robot +1.5% increase to stats instead of the usual 1%.

Story and Extra charactersEdit

These are the story characters and extra characters in D2:CM and D2:DHD.

Character Bonus
Adell +1% damage to enemies of a higher level.
Rozalin +1% stat boost to adjacent ally males.
Tink Blue: Move +1 per 10 Lover levels.Red: +1% stat boost from any adjacent ally females.
Hanako 1% less damage from monsters.
Taro 1% boost to DEF and RES when in critical.
Yukimaru +1% chance to inflict Amnesia status with normal attack.
Etna +1% stat boost to adjacent ally Prinnies.
Flonne +1% boost to healing skills.
Laharl +1% damage to monsters.
Kurtis 1% less damage from enemies of a higher level.
Axel 1% less damage from humanoid characters.
Fubuki +1% of damage inflicted will also be removed from enemy SP.
Asagi +1% to all stats per ally male per five Lovers.
Gordon ?
Marjoly +1% less damage taken from females.
Prier +1% per five Lovers for every untargeted panel in a multi-target attack.
Mid-Boss +1% less damage taken from males.
Zetta +1% damage done to humanoids.
Prism Red +1% ATK increase when in critical condition.
Mr. Champloo +1% damage added to counter damage from character special.
Raspberyl +1 range to spells per ten Lovers
Mao +1% damage per enemy on the field per five Lovers.