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Lovers are Specialists exclusive to Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. They provide unique bonuses to different character classes.


Lovers have a chance to appear on a rank 5+ item with an empty population slot, provided that item has been worn on a unit and not removed by the player for at least 35 battles. The level of the Lover depends on the item's rarity: level 1 for Common, 2 for Rare, and 3 for Legendary. Note that each class generates their own class-exclusive Lovers(i.e. Adell generates an Adell Lover, a Prinny generates a Prinny Lover, etc).

Unlike the other Specialists encountered in the Item World, who take the form of a random Monster, Lovers take on the form of their class-generating characters. Lovers of Generic characters will have no equipment and be of similar level as the surrounding Item World inhabitants. Lovers of Unique characters will be exact copies of the character(their equipment cannot be stolen).


A stack of Lovers is capped at level 25, and equipping multiple stacks does not let you skip this limit. Lovers increase the unit's stats by 1% per Specialist level, and boost their passive ability. See the class pages for details on their passives and the boost they get from Lovers.

A Humanoid unit wielding a Magichange weapon uses their own Lovers to boost the passive ability gained from the Monster. The Lovers on a Monster increase the stats inherited by the Magichange weapon by 2% each, thus reaching up to 80% inheritance.