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Stat Specialists[]

"Teacher" is instead called "Tutor" in all rereleases.

Name Effect Max
Dietician Increases HP 19998
Master Increases SP 19998
Gladiator Increases ATK 19998
Sentry Increases DEF 19998
Teacher Increases INT 19998
Physician Increases RES 19998
Marksman Increases HIT 19998
Coach Increases SPD 19998

Elemental Affinities[]

Note that elemental resistances have a max value of 90%.

Name Effect Max
Firefighter Increased resistance to Fire 140
Aeronaut Increased resistance to Wind 140
Cryophile Increased resistance to Ice 140

Status Ailments[]

Name Effect Max
Alchemists Add Poison to normal attack. 100
Hypnotist Add Sleep to normal attack. 100
Witch Doctor Add Paralysis to normal attack. 100
Amnesiac Add Forget to normal attack. 100
Gangster Add Deprave to normal attack. 100
Pharmacist Increases resistance to Poison 100
Coffee Maker Increases resistance to Sleep 100
Medicine Man Increases resistance to Paralysis 100
Psychologist Increases resistance to Forget 100
Social Worker Increases resistance to Deprave 100

Extra Gains[]

Increase gain by 1% per level(i.e. a level 300 manager will give +300% mana). Statistician has a max level of 600, but the increased gain caps at 300.

Name Effect Max
Broker Increase HL gain. 300
Manager Increase Mana gain. 300
Statistician Increase EXP gain. 300

Increase Weapon Mastery gain.