Storyline MapsEdit

D1BG 05D1BG 07D1BG 11D1BG 09
TutorialVyers CastleFrozen RiverDinero Palace
Battle Basics 1Magnificent GateForsaken LandGaudy Entrance
Battle Basics 2Blessed CourtIcy BreathGolden Courtyard
Geo SymbolsCorridor of LoveEternal WinterFlashy Passage
Hall of CaressesWhite DeathLavish Hall
D1BG 08D1BG 29D1BG 12D1BG 27
Blazing CoreJotunheimBlair ForestSalamander's Breath
Road of FlamesAbsolute ZeroCalamity WoodsScorching Wind
Parched GroundEndless WhiteRitual SiteColumn of Fire
Blazing FieldTerrible ColdWitches' DenRaging Earth
Molten LabyrinthIce QueenWrithing ShadowCrimson Plains
NightdwellersEmber of Dreams
Heart of Evil
D1BG 30D1BG 15D1BG 28D1BG 13
Lunar SnowfieldStellar GraveyardSea of GehennaForest of the Dead
Theatre of DeathValgipus IVFervent MelodyGhostly Whisper
Frigid GardenThurvean SectorWasteland of WoeRising Fear
Freezing SoulsSphere VIIIRiver of LavaCrawling Terror
Under the MoonCross-PointSearing TyrannyHero's Tomb
Primordial SoupInferno
D1BG 15D1BG 16D1BG 17D1BG 24
Stellar Graveyard IIGargantua DeckGargantua InteriorCelestia
EmbryonPoint Alpha-IIIMain Corridor 1Field of Virtue
Core Point No. 4 Main Corridor 2Paradise
Star Cluster Main Corridor 3Angelic Choir
Sidereal Cliff BridgeColiseum (Disgaea)
Divine Prison
D1BG 25
Seraphic Sanctuary
Inner Sanctum
Hall of Justice
Sacred Altar

Bonus MapsEdit

D1BG 32D1BG 34D1BG 20D1BG 33
Prinny LandCave of OrdealHuman WorldAlternate Netherworld
Prinny Land 1Cave of Ordeal 1Central CityAlternate World
Prinny Land 2Cave of Ordeal 2Neo EdenHall of Sin
Prinny Land 3Cave of Ordeal 3EDF HeadquartersHall of Penance
Cave of Ordeal 4 Malefic Seal
Cave of Ordeal 5 Warrior Maiden
Demonhall Mirror
D1BG 36D1BG 35D1BG 15
Beauty CastleBaal CastleStellar Graveyard
Foreboding SealPatriarch's SealPrimordial Soup (Bonus Stage)
Beauty of EvilLord of Terror
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