This section covers items that can not be equipped, but rather used by selecting 'Item' from the attack menu when any one character is selected. No enemy will ever carry them, they can only be bought from the store, or received from the Bonus Gauge. (Or in some cases, the Hospital as a reward).

Something special to note is that these items do not require that the character who uses it receives the recovery. A player's character can use an item, then target another ally to receive the item's recovery. How many spaces away the characters can be to use the items is noted below in the 'Range' field.

Note: For all recovery items, these are what the items normally recover to a character. These values may change due to Specialists or Rarity values for the item.


Note: Items that recover both HP and SP can only be found off the bonus gauge or received from the hospital.

Name Rank HP recovery SP recovery Range
ABC Gum110 1
Mint Gum*140 2
Candy3100 2
Cotton Candy5200 2
Taiyaki7500 3
Chocolate91000 3
Flan112300 3
Eclair134500 4
Shortcake208000 4
Sundae3020000 5
Opened Drink1 51
Unopened Drink*2 102
Garlic Water4 402
Yam Starch6 702
Barbeque Sauce8 1303
Egg Yolk10 2503
Protein Shake12 4803
Bloody Mary14 9004
Sake22 16004
Mushroom Soup33 90005
Dried Worm11573
Caterpillar Egg330123
Charred Newt560254
Rooster Blood7150504
Snake Kidney9300854
Bat Soup127501604
Frog Sweat1516503505
Immortal's Pill2034506005
Veggie Burger3920102
  • Using a 'Mint Gum' will spawn an 'ABC Gum' in the player's inventory.
  • Using an 'Unopened Drink' will spawn an 'Opened Drink' in the player's inventory.

Steal handsEdit

Note: Steal hands are used to steal items from enemies. For more information, see Stealing.

Rank Name Hit Range
2 Stealing Hand 20 2
6 Plunder Hand 30 2
10 Cha-Ching Hand 40 3
20 Bandit's Hand 60 4
30 Awesome Hand 80 5
40 Dream Hand* 1000 6


Rank Name Effect Range
3 Mr. Gency's Exit Escape from the Item World N/A
1 Fairy Dust Cures any Status Ailments 2
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