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Monster ClassesEdit

Returning ClassesEdit

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Non-Playable ClassesEdit

Unlocking ClassesEdit

By Leveling (Unlocked by getting these classes to this Level)

Level 5

  • Thief (Martial Artist/Fight Mistress)

Level 10

  • Onmyo Monk (Magician/Witch and Priest/Healer)

Level 15

  • Archer (Warrior/Valkyrie and Priest/Healer)
  • Gunner (Thief)

Level 20

  • Armor Knight (Warrior/Valkyrie)
  • Magic Knight (Warrior/Valkyrie and Magician/Witch)
  • Shaman (Onmyo Monk and Magic Knight)
  • Ninja (Thief and Martial Artist/Fight Mistress)

Level 25

  • Masked Hero (Martial Artist/Fight Mistress and Ninja)

Level 30

  • Beast Master (Warrior/Valkyrie)
  • Lady Samurai (Archer)

Level 100

  • Female Angel (Healer and Onmyo Monk)
  • Male Angel (Priest and Magic Knight)
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