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List of Trophies/Achievements that can be obtained in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless.

Title Type Description
Nippon 100 Percenter Platinum Obtain all other trophies.
Contract Entered Bronze Clear Episode 1, The Hinomoto Otaku and the Wayward Warrior.
Shogun Slighted Bronze Clear Episode 2, Shogun Stupid.
Sardine Search Bronze Clear Episode 3, In Search of the Vanished Thief.
Zesshosai Found Bronze Clear Episode 4, The Ultimate Martial Arts Tournament Begins!.
Evening the Odds Bronze Clear Episode 5, Something Harder to See Than the Future.
Reseller Review Bronze Clear Episode 6, Resale Elimination!.
Haunt Spring Break? Bronze Clear Episode 7, Welcome to Gero Haunt Springs!.
Empty Ewwdo Bronze Clear Episode 8, A Deserted Ewwdo.
Infernal Truth Bronze Clear Episode 9, The Truth of the Infernal Treasures.
Amnesia Averted Bronze Clear Episode 10, Angels, Demons, and Gunpowder.
Opening Showdown Bronze Clear Episode 11, Showdown with Opener!.
Fathers and Sons Bronze Clear Episode 12, Bloodfeud! The Battle Against Mugai.
Unlucky Thirteen Bronze Clear Episode 13, The Head of the Thirteen Magistrates.
Fathers and Daughters Bronze Clear Episode 14, Fuji and Ao.
Lucky Seven Silver Clear Episode 15, The Seven Infernal Treasure Wielders.
Angels and Demons Silver Clear Postlude 1, Atonement.
Let the Past Lie Silver Clear Postlude 2, Reminiscence.
Generation Zessho Gold Clear Postlude 3, Zessho.
The Path to Carnage Gold Unlock the Carnage Dimension.
Super Jumper Bronze Jump 1,000 times while out of battle.
Pardon Me Bronze Stand on characters' heads 100 times while out of battle.
Good Faith? Bronze Pass a bill using the "Pay Up" option and spending 100,000,000 HL or more.
Kill Your Besties Bronze Recruit a character through battle during Netherworld Sightseeing.
Overlord Bronze Achieve total victory in Demon Shogi.
Hall of Famer Bronze Clear all difficulties of the Hinomoto Martial Arts Tournament.
Mandatory Repo Bronze Open all the Treasure Chests found during Netherworld Sightseeing.
Rosen Queen Regular Bronze Reach Customer Rank 12.
Another! Bronze Use the Juice Bar over 50 times.
Demonic Intelligentsia Bronze Edit a Demonic Intelligence set.
Come Back Stronger Bronze Use Reincarnation 10 times.
Not Just for Kids Bronze Get all completion prizes in Evil-Gacha.
Prescription Meds Bronze Unlock all Wickedhancements.
Research, Dood? Bronze Finish 100 Item World Research Squad expeditions.
Legendary Scout Bronze Recruit characters 20 times.
Honored Heirloom Bronze Perform Item Reincarnation 10 times on the same item.
Trophy Received Bronze Pass the "I Want a Trophy!" bill.
Geo Master Bronze Make a Geo Chain of length 5 or more than ends up removing all Geo Panels.
Smackdown! Bronze Make a Combo of length 20 or more.
Mission Complete Bronze Finish a stage clearing all 5 Missions.
Only Way to Be Sure Silver Deal 10 billion damage or more in a single attack.
Crushed to Death Bronze Defeat 100 enemies with Jumbified units.
Samurai Soul Bronze Defear 100 enemies with units in Hell Mode.
Place of Employment Bronze Unlock all Generic classes.
Pirinomics Bronze Hold over 10 billion HL.
Supreme Ultimate Item Bronze Raise an item to Epic Rarity.
Into Legend Silver Obtain a Rank 40 weapon.
Max Level? Bronze Reach level 99.
Extreme Level Silver Reach level 9,999.
Breakneck Backstage Bronze Use the Skip Playthrough function to skip 100+ battles.