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List of Innocents that can be found in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless.

Only stat-based Innocents are present in this game, as the function of the other types has been moved to the Properties system.

Innocent Farm[]

A feature unlocked by an initial bill and then accessed through the Item Worlder. Innocents can be left in care of the farm, where they will grow over time. After every 10 battles the farm will apply 2 effects, which are improved by the Innocent Farmers Squad:

  • Increase the level of Innocents in the farm by 2/3/5/8% (based on Squad level).
  • If there's at least 2 Innocents in the farm and at least 1 open slot, there's a chance for a new Innocent to be born from two others. The new Innocent will be the same type as one of the parents, with a low chance to be a Dual Stat Innocent. Its level will be 10% of the parents' added level.

Single Stat[]

Increases stat by 1 per Innocent level. Max Level per stack is 50,000.

Name Effect
Dietician Increases HP.
Master Increases SP.
Gladiator Increases ATK.
Sentry Increases DEF.
Tutor Increases INT.
Physician Increases RES.
Marksman Increases HIT.
Coach Increases SPD.

Dual Stat[]

Innocents only found through the Innocent Farm. They increase 2 different stats at once, based on the stats of their parents.

Increases both stats by 1 per Innocent level. Max Level per stack is 50,000.

Name Effect
Health Expert Increases HP and SP.
Trainer Increases HP and ATK.
Smith Increases HP and DEF.
Biographer Increases HP and INT.
Worrywart Increases HP and RES.
Masseur Increases HP and HIT.
Sprinter Increases HP and SPD.
Beautician Increases SP and ATK.
Spa Manager Increases SP and DEF.
Intellectual Increases SP and INT.
Meditator Increases SP and RES.
Odd Jobber Increases SP and HIT.
Gymnast Increases SP and SPD.
Moneylender Increases ATK and DEF.
Overachiever Increases ATK and INT.
Idealist Increases ATK and RES.
Bouncer Increases ATK and HIT.
Wildcard Increases ATK and SPD.
Go-Getter Increases DEF and INT.
Marathoner Increases DEF and RES.
Visionary Increases DEF and HIT.
Opportunist Increases DEF and SPD.
Hard Worker Increases INT and RES.
Strategist Increases INT and HIT.
Mastermind Increases INT and SPD.
Comedian Increases RES and HIT.
Butler Increases RES and SPD.
Huntsman Increases HIT and SPD.