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This is a list of classes in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless.

Special Classes[]

Special classes are used by unique characters. No other character can have these classes.

Story Characters' Classes[]

Postgame Characters' Classes[]

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DLC Characters' Classes[]

Generic Classes[]

Generic classes are classes used by characters that you hire from the Recruiter.

Humanoid Classes[]

Monster Classes[]

Unlocking Classes[]

The classes available by default are Warrior, Valkyrie, Magician, Witch, Martial Artist, Fight Mistress, Clergy, Cleric, Bandit, Thief, Prinny, Orc, Slumber Cat, Spirit, Winged Warrior, Undead, and Shroom. Other classes are unlocked by clearing specific quests. Below is a list with each class' quest, including their name, unlock condition, and objective.

Unlocking Humanoid Classes[]

  • Ranger/Archer: "On the Hunt" - Have a character with Bow Mastery level 5+
  • Gunner/Gunslinger: "Picking a Partner" - Have a character with Gun Mastery level 5+
  • Ninja/Kunoichi: "Ninja Nite" - Episode 3. Turn in 5,000 HL
  • Male/Lady Samurai: "Loyal Blade" - Episode 3. Have a Tier 2 Warrior/Valkyrie and Ranger/Archer
  • Male/Female Armor Knight: "Worthy of Guarding" - Episode 4. Turn in an Armor with 300+ DEF
  • Sorcerer: "Sorcerer's Apprentice" - Episode 4. Get attacked 100 times
  • Maiko: "Maiko Green Room" - Episode 6. Turn in 1 Angel Cake (Bribe)
  • Magic Knight: "Magical Warrior" - Episode 8. Turn in 1,000 Mana from the Juice Bar
  • Psychic: "Psychic Squadron" - Episode 9. Turn in a Gun with 300+ HIT
  • Professor: "Questing 101" - Episode 10. Turn in Glasses with 300+ INT
  • Mecha Girl: "Robot Army" - Episode 11. Have a Tier 4 Male/Lady Samurai, Male/Female Armor Knight and Psychic
  • Celestial Hostess: "Heavenly Hostess" - Episode 11. Have a Tier 4 Sorcerer, Maiko and Professor

Unlocking Monster Classes[]

  • Felynn: "Felynn Frisky" - Have a character with Monster Weapon Mastery level 5+
  • Sea Angel: "Living Conditions" - Episode 3. Turn in 10 HP-healing items
  • Flora Beast: "Flora and the Beast" - Episode 3. Turn in 10 SP Extracts from the Juice Bar
  • Zombie Maiden: "Leap of Faith" - Episode 5. Defeat 100 enemies
  • Succubus: "Seductive Demon" - Episode 5. Turn in 1 Strange Feelers (Monster Weapon) or Rare rarity or higher
  • Evil Eye: "Evil Eye Elite" - Episode 7. Turn in any Secret Scroll
  • Horseman: "Promised Spear" - Episode 10. Turn in any Spear of Legendary rarity or higher
  • Dragon: "Treasure & Dragons" - Episode 10. Defeat a level 100+ Dragon
  • Pincer Shell: "Pincer Shells United" - Episode 10. Turn in 1 Premium Crab Brains (Bribe)
  • Rifle Demon: "Target Practice" - Episode 13. Have a character at level 100+
  • Big Eye: "Eye on the Prize" - Episode 13. Find the Big Eye that will be hiding in a Sightseeing location