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List of Trophies/Achievements that can be obtained in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny.

Title Type Description
Wish Granted Platinum Obtain all other trophies.
Breaking and Entering Bronze Clear Episode 1, The Dramaturgy of Reincarnation.
Hero Worship Bronze Clear Episode 2, The King and The Hero.
The 666th Prince Bronze Clear Episode 3, Happily Never After.
Justice Defined Bronze Clear Episode 4, The Meaning of Justice.
Magical Girl Hours Bronze Clear Episode 5, The Magical Wand of Transformation.
What Makes a Hero Bronze Clear Episode 6, Lord of the Ka-Chings.
Upstaged Understudy Bronze Clear Episode 7, For Whom the Belle Sings.
Justice Spinoff Bronze Clear Episode 8, To See Justice Through!.
Back To School Bronze Clear Episode 9, Tragedy's Refrain.
The Final Battle...? Bronze Clear Episode 10, The Final Battle.
Bieko, Bubby & Buddies Bronze Clear Act 2, Episode 1, Night of the Living Bieko.
Familiar Foes Bronze Clear Act 2, Episode 2, The Root of a Significant Amount of Evil.
Bieko's Awakening Bronze Clear Act 2, Episode 3, Dawn of the Bieko.
Misually Appealing Bronze Clear Act 2, Episode 4, Reincarnations Crossing.
The Power of Friendship Bronze Clear Act 2, Episode 5, Unwavering Heart.
To Carnfinity and Beyond Silver Unlock the Carnage Dimension.
King of Carnage Gold Beat the "Carnage V" stage.
Rakshasa Road Trip Silver Unlock the Rakshasa Dimension.
Ruler of Rakshasa Gold Beat the "Rakshasa V" stage.
Plip! Plip! Bronze Jump 100 times when out of battle.
Plippity Plip! Bronze Jump 1,000 times when out of battle.
Gimme a Trophy! Bronze Pass the "I Want a Trophy" bill at the Dark Assembly.
Geo Master Bronze Make a Geo Chain of length 5 or more than ends up removing all Geo Panels.
Make It Rain Bronze Pass a bill using the "Pay Up" option and spending 100,000,000 HL or more.
A Minor Setback Bronze Get a Game Over.
Netherworld Night Live Bronze Watch 20 skits.
All-You-Can-Drink Bronze Use the Juice Bar 255 times.
Three Laws of Demonics Bronze Manually edit and equip a D.I.
Guess Who's Back Again Bronze Perform a Super Reincarnation 10 times.
Cycle of Rebirth Bronze Start a New Cycle.
D-Merit Badge Bronze Exceed 50% D-Merit completion on a character.
Intern of Destruction Bronze Destroy 20 objects in stages.
Gotta Claim 'Em All Bronze Claim all prizes in the Hospital.
Pro Trainer Bronze Earn a total of 5,000 levels through the post-battle EXP distribution.
Item World Scholar Bronze Send out 100 Item Research Squad expeditions.
Greater Netherworld Bronze Create 50 characters.
Combo Sampler Bronze Make a Combo of length 20 or more.
Bonus Master Silver Obtain 50 One Time Bonuses in one cycle.
Class Master Silver Unlock all generic classes and tiers.
Bank of Misedor Silver Own over 10,000,000,000 HL.
Item Polisher Silver Raise an item to level 9,999.
Belongs in a Museum Silver Raise an item to Rarity value 100(Epic).
A Legend in This Hand Silver Obtain a Rank 40 Weapon.
Where the Levels End Silver Raise a character to level 99,999,999.
Damage-oholic Gold Deal over 100,000,000,000,000 damage to one enemy with a single attack.