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List of Spells that can be learned in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny.

Range and AoE[]

  • Range: Each Spell starts with a free range of 1, and it increases by 1 upon reaching Skill Levels 2, 6, 11, 21, 41, 61, 81, and 91. Range also increases by 1 while a Staff is equipped.
  • Area of Effect: Each Spell starts with only the option to target a single panel, and larger areas(up to 8 increases) must be purchased at the Skill Shop.

Spell Information[]

The information below is the unboosted stats for every Spell. All Spells have a height limit of 48/48.


Learned by: PolPol, Witch, Magic Knight.

Name Effect Power SP
Fire INT: Fire D(100%) 1999
Mega Fire INT: Fire D+(110%) 2999
Giga Fire INT: Fire C(120%) 3999
Omega Fire INT: Fire C+(130%) 4999
Tera Fire INT: Fire B(140%) 5999


Learned by: PolPol, Witch, Magic Knight.

Name Effect Power SP
Wind INT: Wind D(100%) 1999
Mega Wind INT: Wind D+(110%) 2999
Giga Wind INT: Wind C(120%) 3999
Omega Wind INT: Wind C+(130%) 4999
Tera Wind INT: Wind B(140%) 5999


Learned by: Melodia, PolPol, Witch, Magic Knight.

Name Effect Power SP
Ice INT: Ice D(100%) 1999
Mega Ice INT: Ice D+(110%) 2999
Giga Ice INT: Ice C(120%) 3999
Omega Ice INT: Ice C+(130%) 4999
Tera Ice INT: Ice B(140%) 5999


Learned by: Majolene, Torte, Psychic.

Name Effect Power SP
Star INT: Star D(100%) 1999
Mega Star INT: Star D+(110%) 2999
Giga Star INT: Star C(120%) 3999
Omega Star INT: Star C+(130%) 4999
Tera Star INT: Star B(140%) 5999


Learned by: Misedor, Flonne, Clergy.

Name Effect Power SP
Heal RES: Restore HP D(100%) 1999
Mega Heal RES: Restore HP D+(150%) 2999
Giga Heal RES: Restore HP C(300%) 3999
Omega Heal RES: Restore HP B(900%) 4999
Tera Heal RES: Restore HP A(3300%) 5999
Espoir Remove ailments - 2999