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List of Innocents that can be found in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny.

Innocent Farm[]

A feature enabled by the Innocent Farm Squad, then accessed through the Item Worlder. Innocents can be left in care of the farm, where they will grow over time. After every 10 battles the farm will apply 2 effects, which are improved by the Squad:

  • Increase the level of Innocents in the farm by 1/2/4/7% (based on Squad level). If an Innocent is left through multiple rounds of growth in a row, each subsequent round increases level growth by an additional 1%.
  • If there's at least 2 Innocents in the farm and at least 1 open slot, there's a chance for a new Innocent to be born from two others. The new Innocent will be the same type as one of the parents, and its level will be average of the parents' level.


Dietician and Master increase stat by 100 per Innocent level, all others increase by 1 per Innocent level. Multiple stacks can be equipped to go above the Max Level.

Name Effect Max
Dietician Increases HP. 999.999.999
Master Increases SP. 999.999.999
Gladiator Increases ATK. 99.999.999
Sentry Increases DEF. 99.999.999
Tutor Increases INT. 99.999.999
Physician Increases RES. 99.999.999
Marksman Increases HIT. 99.999.999
Coach Increases SPD. 99.999.999

Status Ailment[]

Increases chance/resistance by 1% per Innocent level.

Name Effect Max
Alchemist Chance to inflict Poison with any attack.
(This Poison deals an additional 20% max HP damage)
Hypnotist Chance to inflict Sleep with any attack. 100
Witch Doctor Chance to inflict Paralysis with any attack. 100
Amnesiac Chance to inflict Amnesia with any attack. 100
Drainer Chance to inflict Weaken with any attack. 100
Charmer Chance to inflict Charm with any attack. 100
Pharmacist Increases Poison resistance. 100
Coffee Maker Increases Sleep resistance. 100
Medicine Man Increases Paralysis resistance. 100
Psychologist Increases Amnesia resistance. 100
Toxicologist Increases Weaken resistance. 100
Pastor Increases Charm resistance. 100


Increases damage resistance by 1% per Innocent level.

Name Effect Max
Firefighter Increases Fire resistance. 100
Aeronaut Increases Wind resistance. 100
Cryophile Increases Ice resistance. 100
Boxer Increases Fist resistance. 20
Fencer Increases Sword resistance. 20
Color Guard Increases Spear resistance. 20
Sharpshooter Increases Bow resistance. 20
Deadeye Increases Gun resistance. 20
Lumberjack Increases Axe resistance. 20
Baton Twirler Increases Staff resistance. 20

Extra Gains[]

Increases gain by 1% per Innocent level, except Professional which grants +0.1% per level.

Name Effect Max
Broker Increases HL gain. 300
Statistician Increases EXP gain. 900
Manager Increases Mana gain. 1900
Mentor Increases Skill EXP gain. 1900
Instructor Increases Weapon Mastery gain. 1900
Supervisor Increases Class Proficiency gain. 1900
Professional Increases Critical Hit damage bonus. 1000


Special Innocents that grant passive effects. They cannot be moved between items, and unlike previous games multiple instances of the same Unique Innocent do stack. Items gain a random Unique Innocent every time an Item God is killed within its Item World. Each item may only have 1 equipped at a time, and they can be freely changed or unequipped as an enhancement at the Item World NPC.

Name Effect
Blower All attacks become Wind element.
Burner All attacks become Fire element.
Freezer All attacks become Ice element.
Sun Bather All attacks gain a 50% chance to inflict Sleep.
Howler All attacks gain a 50% chance to inflict Paralysis.
Joke Slapper All attacks gain a 50% chance to inflict Amnesia.
Chalkboard Scraper All attacks gain a 50% chance to inflict Weaken.
Love Therapist All attacks gain a 50% chance to inflict Charm.
All Digger Increase damage dealt with back attacks by 30%.
Ambusher Units attacked by you will not counter attack.
Balanced Dieter Set all elemental and weapon resistances to 0.
Berry Picker Team Attack chance is always 100%.
Blood Pumper Increase stats by 30% while HP ≤ 30%.
Bug King Increase Throw stat by 3.
Close-Quarter Cannon Set Spell range to 1, but increase damage dealt with Spells by 200%.
Combo Maker Normal attacks are performed 2 additional times.
Fish Strong Reverse the damage dealt with normal attacks.
Flyer Movement type becomes Flying.
Gourmet Chef Recover 20% max HP each time you defeat a unit with a normal attack.
Habitual Licker 10% of damage you deal is also dealt to the target's SP.
Homeopathic Healer Your attacks decrease the target's ATK by 20% for 3 turns.
Juicer Increase chance of enemies targeting you.
Junkie Increase stats by 20% per ailment you're afflicted with.
Kinder Gardener Decrease damage taken by 10%.
Magic Lobber Increase Spell range by 9, but decrease damage dealt with Spells by 75%.
Mana Robber Increase Mana earned by 30%.
Mogul Increase Bonus Gauge gains by 30%.
Punisher Normal attacks from behind have a 20% chance to inflict Deathblow.
Rainbow Warrior Increase Fire, Wind and Ice resistances by 10%.
Rubber Your normal attacks heal ailments on the target.
Sand Thrower Your attacks decrease the target's HIT by 50% for 3 turns.
Secret Trainer Increase stats growth by 10%.
Slasher Increase damage dealt to Humanoid units by 50%.
Slide Tackler Your attacks decrease the target's Move by 1 for 3 turns.
Spear Fisherman Recover 10% max HP each time you act.
Sumo Wrestler Increase damage dealt by ally Monster units on the map by 20%.
Sweet Tempter Recover 5% max HP at the end of each turn.
Tag Champion If your attack results in lethal damage, the target will survive with 1 HP.
Town Crier Increase Counter stat by 5.
Treasure Hunter 10% chance of spawning a treasure chest when defeating an enemy.
Utilitarian Recover 5% max SP at the end of each turn.
Watermelon Smasher Increase damage dealt by 20%, but decrease accuracy by 30%.
Watersport Athlete Increase Ice damage dealt by 20%.
HP Crammer Increase HP growth rate by 20%.
SP Crammer Increase SP growth rate by 20%.
ATK Crammer Increase ATK growth rate by 20%.
DEF Crammer Increase DEF growth rate by 20%.
INT Crammer Increase INT growth rate by 20%.
RES Crammer Increase RES growth rate by 20%.
HIT Crammer Increase HIT growth rate by 20%.
SPD Crammer Increase SPD growth rate by 20%.