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List of obtainable Endings in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny.

Main Story Endings[]

Act 1 Ending[]

Condition: Clear Episode 10.

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Zed lands the finishing blow on the God of Destruction, who transforms back into Bieko. Sadly, Zed declares that her heart's not beating, but at least she now can rest in peace...

This scene counts as an ending and triggers a credits roll, but is actually just the end to the first act of the story.

True Ending[]

Condition: Clear Act 2, Episode 5.

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Our heroes have overcome Misual's last stand, making him finally accept that fate can be fought against. He realizes that he should've just asked for help from the start, apologizes to the zombie siblings, and gives his final good bye as his body is about to completely fall apart. He closes his eyes and prepares to die, but soon after opens them again to notice that Bieko has saved him once more by transferring his mind back to the dog body. Misual wonders why they'd keep him alive, and they invite him to use Super Reincarnation to try to save Releiza once more, this time with their help.

After the credits, a new cutscene shows Zed's companions visiting Ivar to ask him where Zed has gone, as they all want him to visit their worlds for various reasons. Ivar tells them to not rush things and just let the sibling spend some more family time together, and explains that he did give them a reward for helping save the universe.

Extra Endings[]

Prinny Protagonist[]

Condition: Lose in Postlude Stage 1.

Description: (click "Expand" to view)
D6 Screenshot 18

The Prinnies celebrate that they're now the protagonists and will get a pay raise to 3 sardines a day. Misedor hears this and offers them better pay and conditions for starring in their game along with them, which the Prinnies happily accept.

Rise of Prism Flonne[]

Condition: Lose in Postlude Stage 2.

Description: (click "Expand" to view)
D6 Screenshot 16

Having won the challenge, Flonne takes over as the leader of the Prism Rangers and prepares to be a protector of the universe, forcing Zed to join them in the process.

Quest for the Ultimate Dessert[]

Condition: Lose in Postlude Stage 3.

Description: (click "Expand" to view)
D6 Screenshot 6

Etna has won so she forces our heroes to make the Ultimate Dessert for her. Thus, they embark in a quest to find the necessary ingredients while fighting culinary enemies that stand in their way.

Life with Laharl[]

Condition: Lose in Postlude Stage 4.

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D6 Screenshot 17

Laharl has proved that he's stronger and declares our heroes to be his vassals, forcing them to constantly grind his half-finished RPGs and play fighting games with him.

An Overlord's Challenge[]

Condition: Clear the Postlude Episode.

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Laharl accepts Zed's position as the strongest for now, but declares that he'll keep trying to beat them. He then decides to simply join Zed's team along with Etna and Flonne, which everyone ends up being happy with.

Despite being classified as an ending, there's no special CG or credits roll.