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This is a list of classes in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny.

Special Classes[]

Special classes are used by unique characters. No other character can have these classes.

Story Characters' Classes[]

Postgame Characters' Classes[]

DLC Characters' Classes[]

Hololive Set[]

Generic Classes[]

Generic classes are classes used by characters that you hire from the Recruiter, or that you capture during battle.

Humanoid Classes[]

Monster Classes[]

Unlocking Classes[]

The classes available by default are Warrior, Martial Artist, Witch, Clergy, and Prinny. Other classes are unlocked by clearing specific quests. Below is a list with each class' quest, including their name, unlock condition, and objective.

Unlocking Humanoid Classes[]

  • Thief: "Steeling to Steal" - Create a Martial Artist
  • Archer: "On The Hunt" - Unlock Thief. Rank 2 Warrior and Rank 2 Clergy
  • Gunner: "Picking a Partner" - Unlock Thief. Rank 2 Warrior and Rank 2 Clergy
  • Samurai: "Loyal Blade" - Rank 3 Warrior and Rank 2 Archer
  • Ninja: "Ninja Nite" - Rank 3 Martial Artist and Rank 2 Thief
  • Armor Knight: "Worthy of Guarding" - Rank 3 Warrior and Rank 3 Martial Artist
  • Magic Knight: "Magical Warrior" - Rank 3 Warrior and Rank 2 Witch
  • Psychic: "Psychic Squadron" - Rank 3 Witch and Rank 3 Clergy
  • Mecha Girl: "Robot Army" - Rank 3 Gunner and Rank 3 Armor Knight

Unlocking Monster Classes[]

  • Undead: "Hungry, Hungry Zombie" - Episode 4. Turn in 1 Charred Newt (HP/SP healing item)
  • Winged Warrior: "No Normal Bug!" - Episode 5. Defeat 5 Archers
  • Sea Angel: "Living Conditions" - Episode 6. Turn in 1 consumable item of Rare rarity or higher
  • Succubus: "Seductive Demon" - Episode 7. Turn in any Emblem
  • Evil Eye: "Evil Eye Elite" - Episode 8. Turn in any Glasses of Legendary rarity
  • Dragon: "Treasure & Dragons" - Episode 9. Turn in any Emblem
  • Pincer Shell: "Pincer Shells United" - Episode 10. Turn in 1 Premium Crab Brains (Bribe)
  • Horseman: "Promised Spear" - Episode 11. Turn in any Spear of Legendary rarity