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List of trophies/achievements that can be obtained in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

Title Type Condition
Vengeance Complete Platinum Obtain all other trophies.
The First Alliance Bronze Clear Episode 1, Prelude to Vengeance.
Founding an Army Bronze Clear Episode 2, Demon General.
Some Kind of Gale Bronze Clear Episode 3, His Name is Zeroken.
A Taste of Curry to Come Bronze Clear Episode 4, Yellow, Rabbit, and Curry.
Frozen Wasteland Fight Bronze Clear Episode 5, The One Who Controls Death.
Bloodis' Big Secret Bronze Clear Episode 6, The Sixth Warrior.
Practice Makes...? Bronze Clear Episode 7, Past Struggles: Part 1.
The Heart of an Innocent Bronze Clear Episode 8, Past Struggles: Part 2.
The Supreme One Bronze Clear Episode 9, The New Power.
Toto Bunny's Daughter Bronze Clear Episode 10, The Memorable Special Sweet Curry.
Disaster Averted Bronze Clear Episode 11, Netherworld Extinction.
Among the Flowers Bronze Clear Episode 12, Unbridled Killia.
One is Better Than Two Bronze Clear Episode 13, The Two Killias.
You're Gorgeous Bronze Clear Episode 14, Seraphina's Secret.
The Ultimate Skill Bronze Clear Episode 15, The Ultimate Skill.
Crisis Averted Bronze Clear the Final Episode, Dedicated to the Precious People.
To Carnfinity and Beyond Silver Enter a stage in the Carnage Dimension.
Dimensional Devastation Gold Defeat Carnage Dark in the final Carnage Challenge Stage, "Evil God of Tyranny".
Plip! Plip! Bronze Jump 1,000 times while at the base hub.
Love With an Iron Fist Bronze Hit allies in the base 100 times.
Gooooooaaaaaallllll! Bronze Reach the goal in the Chara World.
Netherworld Solutions Bronze Pass a bill at the Strategy Assembly by using the "Persuade by Force" option.
We Have a Winner Bronze Completely fill the Bonus Gauge.
Demon Quest Bronze Complete 20 quests.
Netherworld War Victory! Bronze Defeat an Invading Netherworld in the Item World.
Netherworld in My Pocket Bronze Summon your custom Netherworld.
Gimme a Trophy! Bronze Pass the "I Want a Trophy!" bill.
Geo Master Bronze Make a Geo Chain of size 5 or more that ends with all Geo Panels erased.
Making It Rain Bronze Pass a bill by using the "Pay Up" option and spending 100,000,000 HL or more.
A Minor Set Back Bronze Get a Game Over.
The Water Feels Nice Bronze Use the Hot Springs in a Mystery Room in the Item World.
Capture Master Bronze Turn 100 enemies into prisoners.
Greater Netherworld Bronze Release 100 prisoners through the "Make Citizen" option.
Seasoned Rocket Rider Bronze Discover 100 Netherworlds through the Nether Research Squad.
Aren't You Tired of It...? Bronze Eat a custom curry that was left sitting for 100 days.
Netherworld Night Live Bronze Watch 20 different skits in the base hub.
Switching to Overload! Bronze Use an Overload.
This Calls For Teamwork Bronze Perform a Team Attack.
Take a Chill Pill Bronze Have characters enter Revenge Mode 100 times.
Would You Like the Combo? Bronze Perform a Combo of size 20.
Bonus Master Silver Get 50 One Time Bonuses.
Class Master Silver Unlock all Generic classes and tiers.
One Percenter Silver Have 10,000,000,000 HL or more at once.
Item Polisher Silver Raise an item's level to 500.
I Love Board Game Night! Silver Reach the goal in Chara World in Super Overlord difficulty.
Unlosing Ranger Status Silver Defeat Proto Darkdeath in the Item World.
This Belongs in a Museum Silver Get an item of rarity value 100(Epic category).
A legend in his hand Silver Obtain one of the sealed Rank 40 weapons from a Mystery Room in the Item World.
Where the Levels End Silver Raise a character to level 9,999.
Damage-oholic Gold Deal over 10,000,000,000 damage to one unit with a single attack.