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List of Innocents that can be found in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

Innocent Farm[]

A facility enabled by the Innocent Aid Squad. Innocents can be left in care of the farm, where they will grow over time. The farm keeps a hidden counter that increases after each turn in battle. If you finish a battle with the counter at 10 or more it's reset and the farm will apply 2 effects, which are improved by the Squad:

  • Increase the level of Innocents in the farm by 1/2/4/7% (based on Squad level).
  • If there's at least 2 Innocents in the farm and at least 1 open slot, there's a chance for a new Innocent to be born from two others. The new Innocent will be the same type as one of the parents, with a chance to instead be a Dual Stat Innocent. Its level will be 10% of the parents' added unsubdued level.

Single Stat[]

Increases stat by 1 per Innocent level. Multiple stacks can be equipped to go above the Max level.

Name Effect Max
Dietician Increases HP. 50,000
Master Increases SP. 50,000
Gladiator Increases ATK. 50,000
Sentry Increases DEF. 50,000
Tutor Increases INT. 50,000
Physician Increases RES. 50,000
Marksman Increases HIT. 50,000
Coach Increases SPD. 50,000

Dual Stat[]

Increases both stats by 1 per Innocent level. Multiple stacks can be equipped to go above the Max level

Name Effect Max
Muscleman Increases HP and ATK. 50,000
Nerd Increases SP and INT. 50,000
Hard Worker Increases ATK and INT. 50,000
Pugilist Increases ATK and HIT. 50,000
Sprinter Increases ATK and SPD. 50,000
Patient Increases DEF and RES. 50,000
Sniper Increases HIT and SPD. 50,000

Status Ailment[]

Increases chance/resistance by 1% per Innocent Level.

Name Effect Max
Alchemist Chance to inflict Poison with normal attack. 100
Hypnotist Chance to inflict Sleep with normal attack. 100
Witch Doctor Chance to inflict Paralysis with normal attack. 100
Amnesiac Chance to inflict Amnesia with normal attack. 100
Drainer Chance to inflict Weaken with normal attack. 100
Charmer Chance to inflict Charm with normal attack. 100
Shrinker Chance to inflict Shrink with normal attack. 100
Pharmacist Increases Poison resistance. 100
Coffee Maker Increases Sleep resistance. 100
Medicine Man Increases Paralysis resistance. 100
Psychologist Increases Amnesia resistance. 100
Toxicologist Increases Weaken resistance. 100
Pastor Increases Charm resistance. 100
Expander Increases Shrink resistance. 100


Increases damage resistance by 1% per Innocent level.

Name Effect Max
Firefighter Increases Fire resistance. 100
Aeronaut Increases Wind resistance. 100
Cryophile Increases Ice resistance. 100
Boxing Coach Increases Fist resistance. 20
Fencing Coach Increases Sword resistance. 20
Spear Teacher Increases Spear resistance. 20
Archery Coach Increases Bow resistance. 20
Marksman Coach Increases Gun resistance. 20
Lumberjack Coach Increases Axe resistance. 20
Staff Twirler Increases Staff resistance 20
Monster Tamer Increases Monster Weapon resistance. 20

Extra Gains[]

Increases gain by 1% per Innocent level.

Name Effect Max
Broker Increases HL gain. 300
Statistician Increases EXP gain. 900
Manager Increases Mana gain. 300
Mentor Increases Skill EXP gain. 1,900
Instructor Increases Weapon Mastery gain. 1,900
Professional Increases Critical Hit damage bonus. 100


Special Innocents that grant passive effects. They cannot be moved between items, and multiple instances of the same Unique Innocent don't stack. Items gain a random Unique Innocent each time an Item God is killed within its Item World. Each item may only have 1 equipped at a time, and they can be freely changed or unequipped at the Item Assembly.

Various items(mostly Fun Weapons) come with a Unique Innocent by default.

Name Effect Item
Blower Non-elemental attacks gain the Wind element. Various Weapon shop
Burner Non-elemental attacks gain the Fire element. Various Weapon shop
Freezer Non-elemental attacks gain the Ice element. Various Weapon shop
Overclocker Movement type becomes Flying, and movement animation becomes an instant teleportation. Axel Gear
Beat the extra stage "Call of Hell" (Baal's fight)
Revenge Booster Fill your Revenge Gauge by 20% at the start of each stage. (Applies even if you're not dispatched) Various Rank 40 weapons from Nether Research Squad
45 Degree angler Heal your status ailments when using a normal attack. TV
Item Worlder prize (2700 floors)
All Digger Increase damage dealt with back attacks by 30%. Shovel
Item Worlder prize (4000 floors). Quest: "Lan Lan Lancer" (Spear Mastery 100)
Ambusher Your attacks don't trigger counter attacks. Pie
Item Worlder prize (900 floors). Pie Bar (Mystery Room)
Balanced Dieter Set all Elemental and Weapon Resistances to 0. (Ignores all modifiers) Balance Toy
Item Worlder prize (1800 floors). Quest: "Continue Research" (25 found Netherworlds)
Berry Picker Team Attack chance is always 100%. Flower Wreath
Item Worlder prize (2000 floors). Quest: "Guardian's Master" (Bow Mastery 100)
Blood Pumper Increase stats by 30% while HP ≤ 30%. Fire Flag
Item Worlder prize (2200 floors)
Boomerang Hunter Enemies will prioritize targeting your allies instead of you. Coiling Stick
Item Worlder prize (3000 floors)
Bug King Increase Throw range by 1. Beetle
Item Worlder prize (1100 floors). Quest: "Fun Collections" (15% item list)
Caregiver Decrease magical damage taken by 20%. Umbrella
Item Worlder prize (3700 floors). Quest: "Watch Lotsa Skills!" (25% skill list)
Cat Burglar 30% chance to steal equipment from enemies you kill. Kitty Paw Stick
Item Worlder prize (4600 floors). Quest: "Inherited Skill" (Axe Mastery 100)
Chalkboard Scraper All attacks gain a 25% chance to inflict Weaken. Guitar
Item Worlder prize (4100 floors)
Combo Maker Executed normal attacks are performed an additional time. Leek
Item Worlder prize (4200 floors). Quest: "Sword Master" (Sword Mastery 100)
Flyer Movement type becomes Flying. Balloon
Quest: "Top Witch!" (Staff Mastery 100)
Gourmet Chef Restore 30% max HP when you defeat an enemy with a normal attack. Spork
Item Worlder prize (3600 floors)
Habitual Licker 25% of the damage you deal is also dealt to the target's SP. Flute
Item Worlder prize (2500 floors)
Homeopathic Healer After being attacked, decrease attacker's ATK by 30% for 3 turns. Toy-on-a-Stick
Item Worlder prize (2900 floors)
Hostage Negotiator Increase the chance that defeated enemies will surrender by +30%. Megaphone
Item Worlder prize (1700 floors). Quest: "Capturing is Fun!" (50 captured units)
Howler All attacks gain a 50% chance to inflict Paralysis. Mic
Item Worlder prize (400 floors)
Incubator Increase chance Mr. Egg appears when defeating an enemy by 5%. Chicken
Item Worlder prize (1400 floors)
Indoor Fighter Increase all Aptitudes by 20%. Hanger
Item Worlder prize (3300 floors)
Joke Slapper All attacks gain a 50% chance to inflict Amnesia. Paper Fan
Item Worlder prize (500 floors)
Juicer Enemies will prioritize targeting you instead of your allies. Meat Shank
Item Worlder prize (3100 floors)
Kinder Gardener Decrease damage taken by 10%. Tambourine
Item Worlder prize (3900 floors)
Lover Therapist All attacks gain a 25% chance to inflict Charm. Bouquet
Item Worlder prize (800 floors). Quest: "More the Merrier" (25 captured units)
Mana Robber Increase total Mana earned by 10%. Paintbrush
Item Worlder prize (2300 floors)
Mogul Increase Bonus Gauge gain by 5%. Folding Fan
Item Worlder prize (1900 floors). Quest: "Road to Completion" (25% item list)
No.1 Man Increase stats by 1% of your adjacent allies' stats. Trophy
Pass the "I Want a Trophy!" bill
Pacifier All attacks gain a 25% chance to inflict Shrink. Fried Shrimp
Item Worlder prize (700 floors)
Personal Trainer Reverse damage of normal attacks. Fresh Sardine
Item Worlder prize (2600 floors)
Punisher Normal attacks from behind deal damage equal to 1/3 of the target's max HP instead of the calculated damage. (Once per turn. Calculated damage must be bigger than 0. Does not work on Boss units) Toy Hammer
Item Worlder prize (4700 floors)
Rainbow Warrior Increase Fire, Ice and Wind resistance by 50%. Rainbow
Item Worlder prize (3500 floors). Quest: "See Various Skills!" (50% skill list)
Rubber Normal attacks heal the target's status ailments and debuffs. Push Broom
Item Worlder prize (2400 floors)
Sand Thrower Normal attacks decrease the target's HIT by 50% for 3 turns. Peace Sign
Item Worlder prize (2100 floors)
Secret Spice Chef Randomly increase one stat by 10% after an attack. (Lasts 3 turns) Curry
Item Worlder prize (3400 floors). Quest: "Research Everything" (50 found Netherworlds)
Secret Trainer Increase stat growth by 10%. Raised Flag
Item Worlder prize (2800 floors). Quest: "Examine Netherworld" (15 found Netherworlds)
Slide Tackler Normal attacks decrease the target's Move by 1 for 3 turns. Banana
Item Worlder prize (1200 floors)
Spear Fisherman Normal attacks heal 3% of your max HP. Harpoon
Item Worlder prize (4500 floors)
Sumo Wrestler Increase the attacking stats of ally monsters by 10%. Referee Fan
Item Worlder prize (3200 floors)
Sun Bather All attacks gain a 50% chance to inflict Sleep. Sunflower
Item Worlder prize (600 floors)
Sweet Tempter Recover 5% max HP at the end of each turn. Lollipop
Item Worlder prize (4400 floors)
Tag Champion Your attacks can't kill units(will always leave at least 1 HP). Chopstick Gun
Item Worlder prize (1500 floors). Quest: "Hand of God" (Gun Mastery 100)
Town Crier Increase Counter by 5. Tennis Racket
Item Worlder prize (1000 floors)
Utilitarian Recover 5% max SP at the end of each turn. Tri-Colored Mochi
Item Worlder prize (4300 floors). Quest: "Let's See a Skill" (10% skill list)
Watermelon Smasher Increase damage dealt by 50%, but decrease accuracy by 50%. Watermelon
Item Worlder prize (1300 floors). Quest: "Ambitious Fist" (Fist Mastery 100)
Watersport Athlete Increase Ice damage dealt by 20%. Squirt Gun
Item Worlder prize (1600 floors)
Wuss Decrease physical damage taken by 20%. Road Sign
Item Worlder prize (3800 floors)