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List of Trophies/Achievements that can be obtained in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.

Name Icon Type Requirement
Unanimously Elected Prinny Platinum Earn all other trophies.
Biggus Stickus D4 Trophy Gold 01 Gold Deal damage to a single unit in one action.
Evildoer of the Year D4 Trophy Gold 02 Gold Unlock all Evil Symbols.
Items Roadshow D4 Trophy Gold 03 Gold Find all items. (Only one rarity per item is necessary)
Pimp My Ship D4 Trophy Silver 01 Silver Obtain all the Pirate Ship parts.
Intelligence Director D4 Trophy Silver 02 Silver Unlock every Generic class and tier.
Special Stalker D4 Trophy Silver 03 Silver Watch all the skills in the game.
X-tra-Dimension-al Conquisator D4 Trophy Silver 04 Silver Clear all the stages in the X-Dimension.
Roaring Pringer Bringer Downer D4 Trophy Silver 05 Silver Beat Extra Stage 10, Vengeance of Pringer X, while in the Land of Carnage.
This is Disgaea 4! Disgaea opening Bronze Watch the full opening animation without skipping to the start menu.
New Party Established New Party Established Bronze Clear Episode 3.
E Pluribus Netherum D4 Trophy Bronze 03 Bronze Clear Episode 7.
The End of the Beginning D4 Trophy Bronze 04 Bronze Beat the main story.
Carnage in the Streets D4 Trophy Bronze 05 Bronze Go to the Land of Carnage for the first time.
Fenrich's Mission D4 Trophy Bronze 06 Bronze Watch Fenrich's Epilogue.
The Melancholy of Fuka Kazamatsuri D4 Trophy Bronze 07 Bronze Watch Fuka's Epilogue.
Desco's New Purpose D4 Trophy Bronze 08 Bronze Watch Desco's Epilogue.
Vote for Emizel D4 Trophy Bronze 09 Bronze Watch Emizel's Epilogue.
Of Promises Past D4 Trophy Bronze 10 Bronze Watch Artina's Epilogue.
Fight the God Fight D4 Trophy Bronze 11 Bronze Get the God Ending.
Party On, Axel D4 Trophy Bronze 12 Bronze Beat Extra Stage 1, Dark Show Opening!.
Party On, Archangel Flonne D4 Trophy Bronze 13 Bronze Beat Extra Stage 2, Love Missionaries.
Party On, Beryl D4 Trophy Bronze 14 Bronze Beat Extra Stage 3, Volunteering!.
Party On, Etna D4 Trophy Bronze 15 Bronze Beat Extra Stage 4, Yes! Nice-Bodied!.
Party On, Laharl D4 Trophy Bronze 16 Bronze Beat Extra Stage 5, From Anether World!.
Party On, Asagi D4 Trophy Bronze 17 Bronze Beat Extra Stage 6, New Main Character!.
Party On, Prinny Kurtis D4 Trophy Bronze 18 Bronze Beat Extra Stage 7, Defender of Earth Appears!!.
Party On, Zetta D4 Trophy Bronze 19 Bronze Beat Extra Stage 9, Invasion of the Badass Freakin' Overlord!.
Viva Sprites! D4 Trophy Bronze 20 Bronze Beat stages 5 times with the "Classic" display option. (Only available in the original release)
Baby's First Reincarnation. D4 Trophy Bronze 21 Bronze Reincarnate any character.
Snare Bear Stare Snare Bear Stare Bronze Capture an enemy.
Success Comes From Failure Success comes failure Bronze Get a Game Over.
Collateral Damage D4 Trophy Bronze 24 Bronze Kill one of your own units.
Treasure Hunter D4 Trophy Bronze 25 Bronze Open 100 Treasure Chests.
Lead-Tongued Tyrant D4 Trophy Bronze 26 Bronze Use the "Persuade by Force" option at the Dark Assembly 3 times.
Step Back and Watch the Fireworks! D4 Trophy Bronze 27 Bronze Make a chain of 10 Prinny explosions in a row.
The Power of Creation Compels You The Power of Creation Compels You Bronze Save an original map created in the Map Editor.
Pirate Is as Pirate Does D4 Trophy Bronze 29 Bronze Use the Reverse Pirating feature.
Scavenger Hunt Champion of the Netherworld D4 Trophy Bronze 30 Bronze Open all the Chests that appear in the base at the start of each episode and post-game.
How's That Item World Coming Along? How that's item world 30 Bronze Clear 30 floors total in the Item World.
Hangin' at the Quick Yield D4 Trophy Bronze 32 Bronze Reach Customer Rank 12.
Phantom Thief D4 Trophy Bronze 33 Bronze Steal 10 Rare of Legendary items.
Damages with Wolves D4 Trophy Bronze 34 Bronze Deal 100.000 damage to a single unit in one attack.
Axel Statue Down! D4 Trophy Bronze 35 Bronze Destroy Axel's statue in his Mystery Room.
Bottom of the 9999th! D4 Trophy Bronze 36 Bronze Reach level 9999 with any unit.
Master Crafter D4 Trophy Bronze 37 Bronze Raise an item to Item Level 300.
Dominatrix Lovin' D4 Trophy Bronze 38 Bronze Discipline captured enemies 100 times.
Timid Timmy D4 Trophy Bronze 39 Bronze Cancel 1000 assigned actions in battle.
Lobbyist Hobbyist D4 Trophy Bronze 40 Bronze Give bribes to Senators at the Dark Assembly 50 times.
Scrooge the Pooge D4 Trophy Bronze 41 Bronze Get over 100.000.000 HL.
Pirate Ninja D4 Trophy Bronze 42 Bronze Defeat Pirates in the Item World 100 times.