A list of all Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Innocents. Most Innocents have returned from past games. A notable Innocent is the Mystery Innocent as it has the ability to transform into any Innocent in the game, except for another Mystery Innocent, when subdued.

Stat[edit | edit source]

Name Effect Max
Gladiator Increases ATK 19998
Sentry Increases DEF 19998
Dietician Increases HP 19998
Tutor Increases INT 19998
Marksman Increases HIT 19998
Physician Increases RES 19998
Coach Increases SPD 19998
Master Increases SP 19998

Dual-Stat Innocents[edit | edit source]

These innocents are obtained by using the Mediator innocent.

Name Effect Combination Max
Pugilist Increases ATK & HIT Gladiator + Marksman 19998
Muscleman Increases ATK & HP Gladiator + Dietician 19998
Hard Worker Increases ATK & INT Gladiator + Tutor 19998
Sprinter Increases ATK & SPD Gladiator + Coach 19998
Nerd Increases INT & SP Tutor + Master 19998
Patient Increases DEF & RES Sentry + Physician 19998
Sniper Increases HIT & SPD Marksman + Coach 19998

Elemental Affinities[edit | edit source]

Name Effect Max
Firefighter Increased resistance to Fire 100
Aeronaut Increased resistance to Wind 100
Cryophile Increased resistance to Ice 100

The player cannot use 2 stacks of Level 100, say, Firefighters to turn a negative Fire resistance, such as -50%, to 99%. An elemental resistances can be increased by a maximum of 100%, which equates to a Level 100 Firefighter/Aeronaut/Cryophile. In addition to increasing resistance to the specified element, elemental innocents can also help increase the damage of attacks that utilize that element (ie, Cryophiles increase Ice damage).

Status Ailments[edit | edit source]

These innocents max out at 100.

Name Effect Max
Alchemists Add Poison to attack. 100
Hypnotist Add Sleep to attack. 100
Witch Doctor Add Paralysis to attack. 100
Amnesiac Add Forget to attack. 100
Gangster Add Deprave to attack. 100
Professional Increase Critical chance. 100
Coffee Maker Increases resistance to Sleep 100
Medicine Man Increases resistance to Paralysis 100
Pharmacist Increases resistance to Poison 100
Psychologist Increases resistance to Forget 100
Social Worker Increases resistance to Deprave 100

Extra Gains[edit | edit source]

The innocent's level equates to the % increase. IE, a level 300 manager will give +300% mana.

Name Effect Max
Broker Increase HL gain. 300
Manager Increase Mana gain. 300
Statistician Increase EXP gain. 300
Mentor Increase Skill EXP gain. 300

Item Stat Innocents[edit | edit source]

Each level is equal to a 1% increase in an item stats, capping at 500% per item.

Name Effect Max
Fist Fighter Gain more stats when equipping Fist-type weapon. 500
Fencer Gain more stats when equipping Sword-type weapon. 500
Lancer Gain more stats when equipping Spear-type weapon. 500
Eros Gain more stats when equipping Bow-type weapon. 500
Deadeye Gain more stats when equipping Gun-type weapon. 500
Lumberjack Gain more stats when equipping Axe-type weapon. 500
Cane Man Gain more stats when equipping Staff-type weapon. 500
Monster Hunter Gain more stats when equipping Monster-type weapon. 500
Guardian Gain more stats when equipping an armor or accessory. 500

Others[edit | edit source]

Name Effect Max
Collector Increase Rarity.
Enforcer Allows the transfer of unsubdued Innocents. 10
Fusion Lover Increase Fusion effect. 25
Magichange Lover Increases Magichange stats. 25
Mediator Creates dual-stat Innocents in Innocent Town. 100
Teacher Boosts other innocent by 5%. 100
Lose-Lose Increase EXP earned by the attacker who defeats you. 300
Mystery Innocent Transforms into any innocent when subdued except for another Mystery Innocent. 100

Special[edit | edit source]

These Innocents cannot be moved. It is possible to obtain a Unique Innocent on any item by subduing Mystery Innocents.

Name Effect Item
Kinder Gardener Decreases damage by 25%. Tambourine
Berry Picker Chances of Team Attack become 100%. Flower Wreath
Secret Trainer Adds 10% to the growth level upon leveling up. Rising Flag
Chalkboard Scraper Decreases opponent's accuracy by 80% upon damaging. Guitar
High Spiriter Heals target's ailment upon a normal attack. Megaphone
Glutton Damage from normal attacks converts to recover effect. Natural Sardine, Baked Potatoe
Punisher Halves the targets HP when attacked with a normal attack from behind. Toy Hammer
Sweet Tempter Recover 50% of HP at the end of turn. Lollipop Candy
Mana Robber Obtain 10% of your gained Mana upon a normal attack. Brush
Cat Burglar Chance to steal an item when defeating an enemy. Puppy Paw Stick
All Digger Inflicts Paralysis with a normal attack from behind. Shovel
Trash Talker Inflicts Poison with a normal attack from behind. Mic
Sensationalist Inflicts Deprave with a normal attack from behind. Green Onion
Sun Bather Inflicts Sleep with a normal attack from behind. Sunflower
Joke Slapper Inflicts Amnesia with a normal attack from behind. Paper Fan
Rubber Do two normal attacks in a row.
Wuss Decreases physical attack damage by 40%.
Motivator Decreases magic attack by 40%.
Town Crier Adds five more counter attacks. Tennis Racket
Sumo Wrestler Increase ATK of an ally monster by 20%. Referee Fan
Hand Shaker Never misses a target. Candidate Ribbon
Beggar Decreases adjacent enemy's stats by 20%. Lucky Headband
Partier Restore HP by the amount of damage caused by Geo fall. Celebration Ball
Mode Changer Nullify ATK for odd, and MAG for even numbered turns. Victory Daruma
Eraser Adds a chance for Deathblow when HP is below 25%. Gold Senator Badge
Killer Deathblow enemies under 25% SP with normal attack. Death's Sickle
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