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Trophies are little achievements unlocked by doing certain things in the game. They are often common to have in PlayStation 3 and 4 games so players will want to try and accomplish more in the game and get the most out of it. The trophies were added in the July 17, 2009 update patch for Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. Once a trophy requirement is done, players will receive a note saying they got a trophy. Each trophy is also divided into a color level, showing how hard it is to get. Bronze Trophies are easy, Silver Trophies are medium, Gold Trophies are hard and Platinum Trophies are awarded once all others are collected. All Trophies in Disgaea 3 can be obtained without having to beat the story or start a New Cycle.

List of Trophies[]

  • 10 Block Combo (Bronze)
  • 10 Piece Combo Meal (Bronze)
  • 100,000,000 Damage Pyramid (Bronze)
  • 4.0 GPA (Platinum)
  • ABC's of Hitting (Bronze)
  • Attack of the Counter 9 (Bronze)
  • Axel's Rose (Bronze)
  • Capture Enemy (Bronze)
  • Carnagenist (Gold)
  • Cinco De Panelo (Bronze)
  • Combo No. 255
  • Consult your Physician (Bronze)
  • Defeat Asian Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Baal Pirates (Silver)
  • Defeat Boney Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Cheerates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Cowboy Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Diez Gents Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Donna X2 Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Element Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Eryngi Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Garden Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Ghost Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Horizon Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Kit Cat Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Lucky Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Pirate Cleaners (Bronze)
  • Defeat Pirate Club (Bronze)
  • Defeat Prinny Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Red Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Shinsenhumi Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat Sports Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat UFO Pirates (Bronze)
  • Defeat UFO? (Bronze)
  • Defeat Wise Innocents (Bronze)
  • Defeat Z-Pirates (Bronze)
  • Item Warrior (Bronze)
  • Jumptastic (Bronze)
  • Magichangeicion (Bronze)
  • Obey the Cat God (Bronze)
  • Persuade by Force (Bronze)
  • Receive 4, Move 20 (Bronze)
  • Receive 9, Move 60 (Bronze)
  • Reverse Bandit (Bronze)
  • Reverse Robber (Bronze)
  • Reverse Viking (Gold)
  • The Ten Billion Damage Man (Gold)
  • The Ten Towers (Bronze)
  • Treasure Raider (Bronze)
  • Trophy Shop Trophy
  • Who Wants to be a Milliondamagaire (Bronze)

Trophy Patch Incident[]

Before the Trophy Patch was released, there was a statement from an NIS Press Release that the Trophy Patch would cause the old Game Save data to be inoperable, forcing the player to start over. However, when the patch was released, nothing of the sort happened and the Game Save data was fine. The reason behind this is currently unknown.