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Special ClassesEdit

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Unlocking ClassesEdit

Default Classes

By Leveling Unlocked by getting two classes to this Level

Level 15

Level 20

  • Geomancer (Martial Artist/Fight Mistress and Male/Female Healer)

Level 25

Level 30

  • Ninja (Martial Artist and Skull)
  • Kunoichi (Fight Mistress and Mage)

Level 35

Level 40

Level 45


Minimum Level to Unlock All Classes

  • Level 45 Thief, Gunner/Gunslinger
  • Level 40 Heavy Knight, Beastmaster
  • Level 35 Male Fighter, Female Fighter, Ranger, Archer
  • Level 30 Martial Artist, Fight Mistress, Skull, Mage
  • Level 25 Geomancer, Male/Female Healer

Note on Elemental Resistances:

When unlocking a tier of a class or a class itself, the base elemental resistance can be different than what you would get if you throw that same character into the base and have them assimilated into your party from battle. However, when Reincarnating the tier or class, it will revert back to the default Elemental stats.