List of WeaponsEdit


Main article: Fist#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"Fist weapons are best for characters that are good at close combat, like Adell. For normal attacks, there's a slightly better chance to team attack, and there's two extra counter attacks. Another characteristic of the fist weapon is that damage depends on attack power (ATK) and speed (SPD). This means that even weak people can cover up for their attack power with speed. That's an important merit. Even if you increase attack power, if your speed is low, you won't do as much damage, so watch out for that. Skills that you can learn with fist weapon mastery include those that can move the opponent's position, so remember that. Adell, you're good with the fist weapon. It is most effective to train with the weapon you're best at."
   —Adell's Father
Disgaea 2:CM Fist - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Element Ailment Height Notes Flavor Text
Triple Strike 1 ATK/SPD - - 12/12 One space directly in front. Pushes opponent back one space, second space directly in front must be unoccupied. 8 SP Victim is crippled by 3 lethal blows
Tiger Charge 3 ATK/SPD - - 36/36 Fifth space directly in front. Pushes opponent back one space, sixth space directly in front must be unoccupied. 24 SP Modeled after a tiger falling upon its prey
Lion's Roar 6 ATK/SPD - - 12/12 The 8 squares around the user. Third space behind user must be free. 56 SP Martial artists' specialty move!
King of Beasts 10 ATK/SPD - - 12/12 One space directly in front. Pushes opponent back two spaces, Third space in front must be unoccupied. 82 SP Blindingly fast aerial combo
Rising Dragon 15 ATK/SPD - - 12/12 One space directly in front. Moves opponent behind character, first and second space behind user must be unoccupied. 124 SP Thrust into space and slammed back to earth
Big Bang 21 ATK/SPD Fire - 64/64 3x3 area directly in front. 240 SP Head-on collision with the sun
No Way Out 30 ATK/SPD 12/12 One space directly in front. 240 SP (Dark Hero Days Only) There's no way around it...
Disgaea 2:CM Fist - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Res Hit Spd  
Flavor Text Other
Worn Gloves 1 030 00500005
Better than nothing, I guess.
Hustle Gloves 2 0-180 00800028
I think your hands are on fire.
Double Slap 3 0-2200 4012000012
Sorry baby! Why you make me do that?Specialist: Amnesiac
Knuckles 4 1-3500 0017000017
Slide it into your right pocket and...
Beat Down 5 1-41100 8023000023
Watch out bro, I'm comin' for ya!
Playful Punch 6 1-51800 01030000030
Ow ow ow OUCH! It’s not funny anymore!Specialist: Manager
Boxing Gloves 7 2-63000 12038000038 am I gonna hold my fork?
Finger Snap 8 2-75000 01547000647
You brought this on yourself. Dance fight!
Father's Fist 9 2-88000 20057000057
I’m not angry, I’m just upset. Now come here.Specialist: Professional
Spiked Gloves 10 2-912500 0068000068
Don’t hit me with that. It really hurts.
Slap Back 11 3-1018000 00800001580
Cook your own dinner from now on!
Iron Nails 12 3-1124000 00931200093
The perfect back-scratcher. Just be careful.
Hoodlum Fist 13 4-1232000 3001070000107
A fair fight? What’s that?Specialist: Alchemist
Iron Punch 14 4-1245000 0012220000122
Your daily supply of iron, in one easy punch!
Massager 15 4-1260000 02513800018138
Guaranteed to give you a backache.
Love Spankin 16 5-1280000 0015500022155
Oh my word! Don’t stop!Specialist: Gangster
White Tiger 17 5-12100000 03817302400173
2 men + tiger - common sense = disaster.
Karate Chop 18 5-12125000 4701920000192
Not quite Judo, but works nonetheless.
Knuckle Bomber 19 6-12160000 600212000-10212
A bomb in your knuckle? Sounds dangerous.
Flick 20 6-12200000 0023300035233
Hits so hard your kids will feel it.
Gank 21 6-12250000 70202550000255
Youth violence is no laughing matter.Specialist: Broker
Pata 22 7-12310000 0027840000278
A bladed glove. Is that allowed?
Sumo Punch 23 7-12400000 10003020000302
Sumo Energy Yokozuna Overdrive Strike!
Bagh Nakh 24 7-12520000 0032750000327
Beware the eye of this tiger...
Cross Counter 25 8-12650000 00353-500070353
Why is the final blow always in slow-mo?Specialist: Mentor
Butcher Hand 26 8-12800000 15003800-6000380
Wash it before you put it on.
Poison Hand 27 8-121000000 00408080060408
This glove is not Finger-Lickin' Good.Specialist: Alchemist
Bich'wa 28 9-121400000 0043780000437
It's not exactly a glove, but oh well.
Burning Rage 29 9-122000000 120804670000467
A fiery fist fueled by your boundless rage.
Hell Strike 30 9-122800000 00498000100498
Every hit is a killing blow. Cheater.Specialist: Professional
Death Gauntlet 31 10-124200000 00530120000530
Gloves cursed by the Angel of Death.
Fist of Anger 32 10-126000000 1608056300080563
Water can flow or crash. Be like water.
7 Year Kill 33 10-128400000 00597000140597
Not bad, but I wish it worked faster.Specialist: Professional
Macho Fist 34 11-1212000000 25006320000632
'Tis but a scratch. I've had worse.
Paradise Blow 35 11-1217000000 0066800120120668
Gives you peace in death.Specialist: Gangster
Golden Fist 36 11-1224000000 2000705000150705
Use it to pluck golden apples.
100 Fists 37 1236000000 20012079000100100790
75...87...93...are we about done here?Specialist: Armsmaster
Star Shatter 38 1255000000 240180920000180920
Finally, a way to punch the sun.
God's Hand 39 Item World125000000 38025015001001002003001500
Causes a Super Nova with every thrust.
Ultimus 40 Item World2000000000 100040036003001002005003600
The very pinnacle of glove technology.


Main article: Sword#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"The sword weapon is the most generic weapon. I suggest it for beginners. There are a variety of skills that you can learn with sword weapon mastery, so they should be useful for many situations. If you're a character good with swords, equip a sword and train well."
   —Adell's Father
Disgaea 2:CM Sword - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Element Ailment Height Notes Flavor Text
Blade Rush 1 ATK - - 24/24 Hits three spaces directly in front. Fourth space must be unoccupied. 10 SP Dash attack that slices enemies in half
Hurricane Slash 3 ATK Wind - 16/16 Hits one space directly in front. 18 SP Target is at the mercy of the raging hurricane
Moon Slash 6 ATK - - 12/12 Hits the third space directly in front and the spaces to the left and right of that. 38 SP Lunar power helps dice through enemies
Winged Slayer 10 ATK - - 16/18 Hits a 3x3 area directly in front. Third space behind user must be unoccupied. 82 SP A devastating strike form the sky
Dark X Slash 15 ATK - - 12/12 One space directly in front. Second space directly in front must be unoccupied. 120 SP Slice target in the shape of an X
Dimension Slash 21 ATK Star - 24/24 Five spaces directly in front. 260 SP Its power echoes throughout the universe
Ultra Overlord 30 ATK 24/24 One space, range 3 (Free). 270 SP (Dark Hero Days Only) A devastating strike from the sky
Disgaea 2:CM Sword - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Res Hit Spd  
Flavor Text Other
Lazy Sword 1 030 00600000
Buy a better sword later.
Broadsword 2 0-130 001000000
It's broad! It's a sword! It's a Broadsword!
Rapier 3 0-2200 001500005
A thin bladed sword. Stab stab!Specialist: Hypnotist
Dragon Blade 4 1-3500 082100000
Often seen in old, cheesy kung-fu flicks.
Shamshir 5 1-41100 002800080
Sort of like a scimitar, but not.
Knight Sword 6 1-51800 1203600600
A very knightly sword. Cool.
Spatha 7 1-63000 00450250120
A really, really old sword. Don't break it.Specialist: Amnesiac
Katana 8 2-75000 00550001010
Make sure to hold the right end.Specialist: Professional
Bastard Sword 9 2-88000 2006600000
A real jerk at times, but gets the job done.
Heavy Sword 10 3-912500 2507810000-10
Destroy anything through sheer weight.
Kunoichi Blade 11 3-1018000 020910400020
Refashioned throwing knives. Deadly!Specialist: Alchemist
Ninja Blade 12 3-1124000 001050001525
Very useful for stabbing in the back.Specialist: Alchemist
Bekatwa 13 4-1232000 300120000150
And you thought the Swiss were peaceful.
Katzbalger 14 4-1245000 350136000020
Cool, but don't use this on your cat.
Berserker 15 4-1260000 603015320-300-200
Its love for you is like a truck.
Evil Buster 16 5-1280000 0401710800200
Knocks down evil like bowling pins.Specialist: Amnesiac
Krishmald 17 5-12100000 0301900004640
Might sound tasty, but don't try to eat it.
Falchion 18 5-12125000 0352100060400
So shiny! So sharp! So dreamy!
Bloodlust 19 6-12160000 00231-40-4006080
Thirsts for the blood of the wicked. Amen.Specialist: Alchemist
Nightmare 20 6-12200000 06025301000400
Will haunt your dreams...if you survive.
Warlord Blade 21 6-12250000 800276600-40060
Great for iron-fisted warmongers.
Damascus 22 7-12310000 0030050050500
Hails from the oldest city in the world.
Rune Sabre 23 7-12400000 080325015060800
Not very pretty, but good to have around.Specialist: Mentor
Executioner 24 7-12520000 1600351120-1000-40-40
For the merciless assassin in all of us.
Crystal Sword 25 8-12650000 0603780170100600
Look carefully, and it might show the future.
Rasetsu 26 8-12800000 120040680006080
AHH! Watch where you're swinging that!
Sesshoumaru 27 8-121000000 0043500080120
Hurry up and find the damn jewel shards!Specialist: Alchemist
Kagero 28 9-121400000 0100465022000100
An illusionary sword, its blade is very real.Specialist: Armsmaster
Laser Blade 29 9-122000000 01204960250601000
This blade seeks out and destroys evil.
Nine Blades 30 9-122800000 808052800808080
Houses the legendary Earth Dragon.
Dragon Buster 31 10-124200000 10005610060600
Each one is dragon-tested at the factory.Specialist: Firefighter
Durandal 32 10-126000000 080595028080600
It split the earth for a fallen hero.
Balmung 33 10-1284000000 01006301200-800-40
Was used to slay the terrible dragon, Fafnir.
Tilfang 34 11-1212000000 01206660320100800
A lucky sword that grants stunning victories.
Bushin Blade 35 11-1217000000 12007031000080100
Has hewn flesh & bone in countless battles.
Muramasa 36 11-1224000000 0100741-1500-100150150
One slash will loose a torrent of blood.
Sunrise Sword 37 1236000000 015084004001201200
Always reflects the light of the rising sun.Specialist: Manager
Infernal Sword 38 1255000000 20010011201000160160160
A solid sword for any budding Overlord.
Excalibur 39 Item World125000000 3002001800200800400400400
Mythical sword dredged from ancient times.
Yoshitsuna 40 Item World2000000000 800400400060020004008001000
The ultimate legendary weapon returns.
Supremacy 1 First Battle1000400000
Nothing lives that it cannot kill.Specialist: Collector


Main article: Spear#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"The spear is the next most popular weapon after swords. The greatest advantage of the spear is being able to attack someone 2 spaces away from you. Since you can attack away from the enemy, you can team attack and combo from the same space. The spear can also block attacks from the front, which is another trait of the spear. (*Blocks only occur from frontal attack) Another merit of the spear is that your defense (DEF) also increases. Skills that you can learn with spear weapon mastery may change your position after using the skill. The spear is a weapon that makes battle tactic variations more plentiful."
   —Adell's Father
Disgaea 2:CM Spear - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Element Ailment Height Notes Flavor Text
Impaler 1 ATK - - 24/36 One space directly in front. Moves user back one space, space behind user must be unoccupied. 7 SP A jump attack that aims for the enemy's head
Lightning Spear 3 ATK - - 12/12 Second space directly in front. Moves user forward 3 spaces, third space directly in front must unoccupied. 15 SP Strikes target multiple times
Asteroid Drop 6 ATK - - 24/18 The 8 squares around the user. Moves user forward 3 spaces, Third space directly in front must be unoccupied. 45 SP Attacks enemies with the fury of a asteroid
Turbulence 10 ATK Wind - 24/24 The 8 squares around the user. 80 SP Mighty thrust that pierces the heavens
Divine Strike 15 ATK - - 24/24 Third space directly in front. 125 SP Holy attack destroys all
Spear Storm 21 ATK Fire - 24/24 The 8 squares around the user. Moves user back 3 spaces, third space directly behind user must be unoccupied. 250 SP Rain of fiery spears consumes all
Brunhilda 30 ATK 36/36 4 spaces: Space directly in front, the spaces to the left and right of it and the second space in front. 270 SP (Dark Hero Days Only) Scatter the souls!
Disgaea 2:CM Spear - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Res Hit Spd  
Flavor Text Other
Replica Spear 1 030 00520000
It's fake, but at least it looks nice.
Cross Spear 2 0-180 00830020
Used by holy warriors in ancient times.
Pike 3 0-2200 001250000
I'd be embarrassed to lose to this thing.
Naginata 4 1-3500 601770000
Specially crafted for both men and women.
Obsidian Spear 5 1-41100 0623100000
Primitive but powerful.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Ashigaru 6 1-51800 0030120007
Your standard, stabby spear.
Beckdograban 7 2-63000 0038150000
Whatever it means, the name sounds strong.
Du Sanga 8 2-75000 10047190000
It may look odd, but it's a spear. Trust me.
Shogun Spear 9 2-88000 12057250080
Best used during one-on-one duels.
Scorpion 10 3-912500 00683000140
Fashioned from the tail of a giant monster.Specialist: Alchemist
Trident 11 3-1018000 008035001212
Basically an oversized fork.
Bone Spear 12 3-1124000 2412934100-80
Good, but it could gain a few pounds.Specialist: Alchemist
Benkei's Glaive 13 4-1232000 300107470010-8
Useful when guarding bridges.
Benten 14 4-1245000 25012254010010
Popular with ancient Chinese warriors.
Shovsri 15 4-1260000 001386100280
Modeled after bat wings. Spooky!
Daimyo Spear 16 5-1280000 3501556800350
Used to protect travelling religious leaders.
Carbon Spear 17 5-12100000 0201737603500
Carbon & diamond are the same, right?
Demon Spear 18 5-12125000 030192840-12-1230
Only looks right if a demon holds it.Specialist: Gangster
Twin Lancer 19 6-12160000 0402129300600
Twice the nice for half the price.
Halberd 20 6-12200000 60023310200400
Cuts, jabs, spins, and makes julienne fries!
Brave Lance 21 6-12250000 002551120606060
Discovered by a wandering hero.
Bloody Cross 22 7-12310000 0502781220-4090-40
Soaked daily in the blood of the unholy.
Valkeryie Spear 23 7-12400000 0603021330100600
Takes you to Heaven and sends you to Hell.
Elder Spear 24 7-12520000 08032714460806080
Complains to younger spears.Specialist: Mentor
Hell Fork 25 8-12650000 120035315600800
Common utensil in most netherworlds.Specialist: Broker
Death Spear 26 8-12800000 080380168-80-801000
Has several deadbeat spirits living in it.Specialist: Hypnotist
Thunder Spear 27 8-121000000 0040818100100100
Every strike is followed by a deep rumble.
Triton Lance 28 9-121400000 01004371940120600
Blessed by the fearsome Sea God.
Primeval Spear 29 9-122000000 1608046720800800
Oldest spear in the world. Be gentle.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Singularity 30 9-122800000 18004982220010080
You'll never find another quite like it.
Lucifer's Spear 31 10-124200000 0120530237100-801200
Its last owner didn't have great luck.Specialist: Gangster
Emerald Lance 32 10-126000000 0100563252120160800
Belonged to a powerful fairy. Glows green.
Bruenack 33 10-128400000 20014059726800100100
Used to defeat a mighty Majin last Tuesday.Specialist: Armsmaster
Gungnir 34 11-1212000000 0063228400160120
Like a small dog, returns when thrown.
Infernal Spear 35 11-1217000000 01206683011400140100
Just right for up-and-coming Overlords.Specialist: Broker
Pinaka 36 11-1224000000 22007053180100100140
Once held by an ancient Goddess of Death.
Gaea Spear 37 1236000000 18016079035012012012080
Contains the deepest secrets of the Earth.Specialist: Manager
Beam Javelin 38 1255000000 02009204000200180120
Built with the latest space-age technology.
Holy Longinus 39 Item World125000000 4001601500600200420500300
The Godkiller. How is that holy?
Drill Emperor 40 Item World2000000000 1000300360014005006001200800
The all-powerful, spear.


Main article: Bow#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"The bow is a long range weapon that allows you to attack an enemy from far away. For normal attacks, attack power (ATK) and accuracy (HIT) affect the attack. Even if you raise attack power, it won't be as powerful, so remember to raise accuracy too. The bow is useful with a large attack range. When equipped, the accuracy (HIT) increases, so it's fit to fight agile enemies. Skills that you can learn with bow weapon mastery have long distance, and have effect ranges of single to multiple enemies. Skills are also affected by attack power (ATK) and accuracy (HIT). Also, bow skills may also induce abnormal effects. The best use for the bow is to have a low defense character attack from a distance to include him in combos. If the final attack is done with a bow, there's a chance to get a treasure chest."
   —Adell's Father

In Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, Bows are ranged weapons that use Attack and Hit to calculate damage. An attack with a Bow has a 30% chance to turn an enemy into a Treasure Chest if the attack kills it. The Chest is usually at the attacker's level, its contents affected by the map's Bonus Rank.

Disgaea 2:CM Bow - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Element Ailment Height Notes Flavor Text
Poison Blast 1 ATK/HIT Ice Poison 12/12 Third space directly in front of user. 8 SP Energy attack with poison attributes
Raiden Missile 3 ATK/HIT - Deprave 24/24 One space, range 4 (Free). 22 SP One hit one wonder
Delta Split 6 ATK/HIT - Sleep 14/14 Second space directly in front of user. Second tiles to the left and right of fourth space in front of user must be free. 36 SP Attacks from three directions at once
Zielregen 10 ATK/HIT Fire Paralysis 24/24 5 spaces in an X-pattern centered 3 space in front of the user. 80 SP Unleashes a rain of arrows
Doppelganger 15 ATK/HIT - Amnesia 15/15 One space, range 4 (Free). 120 SP Mirror images wreak total havoc
Omega Comet 21 ATK/HIT Ice - 18/18 5 spaces in a cross pattern, range 3 (Free) 260 SP Cosmic attack brings end of world
Salamander Bow 30 ATK/HIT Fire 52/52 5 spaces in a cross pattern, range 4 (Free) 280 SP (Dark Hero Days Only) Rage with a dragon fighting aura
Disgaea 2:CM Bow - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Res Hit Spd  
Flavor Text Other
Toy Bow 1 030 00400040
You've gotta be kidding.
Wooden Bow 2 0-180 00600060
It's wooden. It's a bow. It's a Wooden Bow.
Long Bow 3 0-2200 00900090
It's really not that long...
Silver Bow 4 1-3500 0013000136
Silver keeps evil away.
Elven Bow 5 1-41100 0818000180
A famous elf used it to return a lost ring.
Assassin Bow 6 1-51800 00240010240
Best if shot from a grassy knoll.Specialist: Alchemist
Yggdrasil Bow 7 2-63000 0831000318
Fashioned from a holy ancient tree.Specialist: Amnesiac
Jewelled Bow 8 2-75000 00390003910
Mostly for decoration. It's very shiny.
Composite Bow 9 2-88000 00481200480
Made from antlers and sinew. Pretty gross.
Exorcist Bow 10 3-912500 020580005816
Use this if someone's head starts spinning.
Golden Bow 11 3-1018000 240691400690
Don't tell, but it's actually just gold paint.
Skeleton Bow 12 3-1124000 28108100081-12
What animal has a skeleton shaped like this?Specialist: Alchemist
Crystal Bow 13 4-1232000 00940009422
Doubles as a powerful smacking tool.
Demon Bow 14 4-1245000 001082800108-14
Made in Hell by underpaid, overworked imps.
Angel Bow 15 4-1260000 018123012012332
Made in Heaven by underworked wimps.
Temptation 16 5-1280000 02813900013936
Snag his heart and steal him away.Specialist: Gangster
Forest Bow 17 5-12100000 40015600401560
Ironic, because it's made of dead trees.
Hunter Bow 18 5-12125000 00174038481740
Hunting isn't necessary, but it sure is fun.
Moonlight Bow 19 6-12160000 03019300019345
When this moon hits your'll go blind.
Sylphid 20 6-12200000 05021300702130
This breezy bow will blow you away.Specialist: Aeronaut
Dark Bow 21 6-12250000 00234500502340
It becomes invisible at night.
Heavenly Bow 22 7-12310000 00256060025680
Heavenly maidens take this hunting for boys.Specialist: Amnesiac
Beast Killer 23 7-12400000 80602790002790
Stop beasts dead in their tracks with PAR.
Master Bow 24 7-12520000 0803036008030360
A sure-fire with 100% accuracy.Specialist: Professional
Deadly Bow 25 8-12650000 0100328-40-40140328-40
Don't make eye contact. It can smell fear...Specialist: Alchemist
Platinum Bow 26 8-12800000 003548008035480
Has sold over 1,000,000 copies.
Soul Eater 27 8-121000000 01203811800-80381-80
Beware its strange foot fetish.
Salamander 28 9-121400000 010040901000409100
Very calm under fire.Specialist: Firefighter
Illusion Bow 29 9-122000000 0140438000438140
Might be a mirage, but the pain is very real.Specialist: Amnesiac
Evil Hunter 30 9-122800000 0046812001204680
When evil's afoot, shoot it in the leg.
Raijin Bow 31 10-124200000 010049900130499120
Its arrows are loud of voice, quick of foot.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Glutton Bow 32 10-126000000 20005310-100053180
Has an endless appetite for destruction.
Luminous Bow 33 10-128400000 0180564000564240
Casts the blinding light of the divine.Specialist: Amnesiac
Red Moon Bow 34 11-1212000000 12080598801200598200
Purifies souls with the rays of the Red Moon.
Drake Hunter 35 11-1217000000 180063314000633220
Highly effective anti-dragon artillery.
Ragnarok 36 11-1224000000 200100669-100200100669100
Call down a savage end to this age of man.
Diabolic Bow 37 1236000000 020073020000730200
Pierce the heart of any celestial body.
Seraphic Bow 38 1255000000 02408100240240810300
Drown the wicked in the rain of retribution.Specialist: Mentor
Artemis 39 Item World125000000 38032013002404002601300380
Symbol of the great Huntress Goddess.
Lovely Cupid 40 Item World2000000000 800400310030080032031001000
Girly love energize! Maximum limit reached!


Main article: Gun#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"The gun is the longest range weapon. For normal attacks, its characteristic is having high accuracy (HIT) to apply damage to the opponent. No matter how high you raise the attack power (ATK), it doesn't affect the usage of the gun, so watch for that. Sometimes when you use a gun to attack, it may add an extra effect that lowers the opponent's speed (SPD). If the enemy is too quick, first attack them with a gun and lower their speed, and then continue with a combo to defeat it easily. Also the gun has a longer range than the bow, but can only attack in a straight line. Plan your battle tactics carefully. Most skills that you learn from gun weapon mastery shoot a long distance. Skills also depend on your accuracy (HIT) to damage enemies. Also, some skills can add an effect that lowers the speed (SPD) of the opponent. It seems you're good with the gun, Rozalin, so you should equip glasses when you use the gun to increase accuracy."
   —Adell's Father

In this installment, Gun attacks are weaker both physically and system-wise than in the original and its remakes. Example: A Gun with 200 HIT is weaker than a Sword with 200 ATK. Therefore, Gun-toting characters should try to aim for attacks from behind if they can, in order to gain the most damage. Also note that a Gun can only attack in a straight line following the four cardinal directions.

Disgaea 2:CM Gun - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Element Ailment Height Notes Flavor Text
Tri Burst 1 HIT - - 20/20 One space up to range 3 in any of the four cardinal directions. 8 SP Fires three shots in a row
Gaia Blast 3 HIT - - 24/24 Fourth space directly in front of user. 16 SP Massive blast destroys the land
Proximal Shot 6 HIT Star - 12/12 One space directly in front of user. Moves user back 3 spaces, the three spaces directly behind user must be unoccupied. 32 SP A gunshot at point-blank range
Shooting Stars 10 HIT - - 24/24 One space up to range 3 in any of the four cardinal directions. 78 SP Rain of bullet devours enemy
Totenkruez 15 HIT Fire - 18/18 5 spaces in a cross pattern centering up to range 4 in any of the four cardinal directions. 138 SP Incinerates an enemy in a cross of flame
Inferno 21 HIT Fire - 18/18 5 spaces in a X pattern centering up to range 5 in any of the four cardinal directions. 256 SP Splits into four and blasts the enemy away
Cocytus' Rage 30 HIT Ice 48/48 5 spaces in a cross pattern centering up to range 5 in any of the four cardinal directions. 270 SP (Dark Hero Days Only) Taste the bitter cold that freezes tears!
Disgaea 2:CM Gun - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Res Hit Spd  
Flavor Text Other
BB Gun 1 030 00000040
Use it for now, I guess...
Handgun 2 0-180 00000062
Remember to turn off the safety.
Trumpet 3 0-2200 04000090
Make sure to put your lips on the right end.
Steam Gun 4 1-3500 000004130
So, the bullets are fired with steam power?
.44 Magnum 5 1-41100 000000180
You gotta ask a question-do you feel lucky?
Pulse Gun 6 1-51800 000060240
Looks hi-tech, but I don’t trust it.Specialist: Hypnotist
Antique Gun 7 2-63000 080000310
Used as decoration in local street shops.
Laser Rifle 8 2-75000 0000010390
Makes seven different colors and sounds!
Mk. II 9 2-88000 0000004810
Classic villain weapon in spy movies.
Twin Blaster 10 3-912500 0120000580
Two holes, one bullet. How does that work?
HG4 11 3-1018000 1400008690
Try to avoid the business end of this one.Specialist: Gangster
Flamethrower 12 3-1124000 00014010940
Perfect for BBQing.
Sledgehammer 13 4-1232000 00014010940
Trust me, I know what I’m doing.
Godfather 14 4-1245000 018000121080
It’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.
Ray Gun 15 4-1260000 00000012320
Some sort of laser weapon. Probably fake.
Spray Gun 16 5-1280000 020000013910
Works best on oversized insects.Specialist: Hypnotist
Photon Gun 17 5-12100000 000002415616
It's a fancy name for a flashlight.
Paralyzer 18 5-12125000 02800001740
Makes you feel tingly all over.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Sacred 19 6-12160000 000002019330
Cleanse the enemy’s innards with this.
Prism Cannon 20 6-12200000 0400003021320
Combine all 5 to create a Super Cannon.
Old Glory 21 6-12250000 000350023445
To the victor go the spoils.
Discharger 22 7-12310000 0500040302560
Feels really good when you shoot it.
Ion Blaster 23 7-12400000 055000602790
Ions are fun, just not in the face.
Peace Maker 24 7-12520000 0004004030360
How the West was won.Specialist: Amnesiac
Intoccabile 25 8-12650000 0600500032850
It means Untouchable. So hands off!
Space Gun 26 8-12800000 000006535465
Standard prop in most sci-fi flicks.
Crisis 27 8-121000000 0400-4000381100
Catastrophe awaits your target.
Takemikazuchi 28 9-121400000 0800008040980
Not to be confused with the giant robots.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Noble Rose 29 9-122000000 010008080120438100
Hellish nobles fawn over this decoration.Specialist: Armsmaster
Cosmo Gun 30 9-122800000 060001208046860
A gift from a faraway Cosmic King.
Gjallarhorn 31 10-124200000 012001000804990
Usher in the final battle between the Gods.
Requiem 32 10-126000000 014000140100531120
Issues forth the Song of the Dead.Specialist: Hypnotist
Simurgh 33 10-128400000 01000000564200
Defender of the great desert bird.
Dragoon 34 11-1212000000 0120014001405980
Ride into battle breathing fire.
Prometheus 35 11-1217000000 10010000200180633100
Use this to bring flames back to the gods.
Rolling Thunder 36 11-1224000000 000100140140669210
Echoes to the very edges of Hell.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Heroic Gun 37 1236000000 2001600800180730200
Its purpose transcends time and space.Specialist: Mentor
Dead Whisper 38 1255000000 02000-800-80810280
The gentle caress of infinite oblivion.
Megiddo Cannon 39 Item World125000000 0280002004001300400
Releases the annihilation of reality.
Etoile 40 Item World2000000000 500600020080080031001200
The culmination of human ingenuity.


Main article: Axe#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"The axe takes pride in having the most power of all the weapon types. With normal attacks, the accuracy may be low, but when they hit, they really hit. Sometimes, attacking with the axe may add an extra effect of lowering the opponent's defense (DEF). Start an attack with the axe to lower the defense, and continue with combos to make it easier to bring down stronger enemies. An axe is also appealing for it's high critical rate. Skills learned from Axe weapon mastery have simpler limits to distance and range, so it is easier to make combos and other tactics. Also, with skills, the stronger the opponent, the greater the decrease in DEF, an important factor in battle. With team attacks and combos, it's fit to aim for big damage."
   —Adell's Father
Disgaea 2:CM Axe - Weapon Skills
Name Level StatBase Element Ailment Height Notes Flavor Text
Boulder Crush 1 ATK - - 12/12 Space directly in front of user. 6 SP A blow powerful enough to pulverize rock
Colossal Fissure 3 ATK - - 12/14 Space directly in front of user. Space behind user must be unoccupied. 14 SP An attack so powerful that it cracks the earth
Boomerang Axe 6 ATK - - 24/24 Third space in front of user. 32 SP Throw an axe like a boomerang
Violent Storm 10 ATK - - 12/12 One space directly in front of user. Second space in front of user must be unoccupied. 74 SP A violent flurry of axe strikes
Graviton Flare 15 ATK - - 16/12 One space directly in front of user. 112 SP Created a gigantic gravitational flare
Calamity Drive 21 ATK Star - 15/15 One space directly in front of user. 188 SP Each swing tears the fabric of space
Destroyer 30 ATK 36/36 Hits the four spaces directly to the sides of user. 250 SP
(Dark Hero Days Only)
Split the land into quarters, and laugh
Disgaea 2:CM Axe - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Res Hit Spd  
Flavor Text Other
Cheap Axe 1 030 008000-20
Last item at a local yard sale.
Iron Axe 2 0-180 0014000-30
It’s iron, so it’s heavy. What did you expect?
Gang Axe 3 0-2200 0021000-50
Come here and let me axe you a question!
Primitive Axe 4 1-3500 0629000-70
Inspired by a giant monolith.
Hammer 5 1-41100 12038000-100
Knock down any nails that dare to stick out.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Battle Axe 6 1-51800 0048800-120
Not for use indoors or during times of peace.
Viking Axe 7 2-63000 00590010-150
Pillage and plunder to your heart’s delight.
Guillotine 8 2-75000 007100-10-190
Let’s not lose our heads over this.Specialist: Professional
Heavy Hammer 9 2-88000 20084000-250
Creates its own gravitational field.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Masakari 10 3-912500 00991600-300
Holy monks love to bash faces in with this.
Tomahawk 11 3-1018000 0201151000-350
Fun to throw, but pay attention to your target.
Dwarven Axe 12 3-1124000 3001320012-41-12
They’re fun to toss, but you’ll get in trouble.
Heavy Axe 13 4-1232000 001503000-47-20
Get your daily workout lugging this around.
Giant Axe 14 4-1245000 4501692800-540
Bigger is better, in more ways than one.
Savage Axe 15 4-1260000 03618900-20-6134
Sometimes you have to release your wild side.
Guilty Axe 16 5-1280000 40202104000-68-25
Can an axe really feel guilt? Or pain?
Demon Smasher 17 5-12100000 54023254030-76-30
Exterminate demons with extreme prejudice.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Metal Basher 18 5-12125000 6502550060-640
Not a fan of hard rock, are you?
Kill All 19 6-12160000 8020279000-930
No, really. It kills all.
Serial Axe 20 6-12200000 85029430-40-20-10230
Snap, crackle, pop! You’re dead.
Morning Star 21 6-12250000 0032060060-112-60
The star of that great show in the sky.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Winged Edge 22 7-12310000 0503470060-12270
Last I checked, feathers weren’t very sharp.
Enforcer 23 7-12400000 05537550050-13350
I’ll enforce you good!
Great Axe 24 7-12520000 9004046000-144-50
It’s GREAT because my grandpa used it.
Avenger 25 8-12650000 0654340060-15680
Let your hatred build and take revenge!
Holy Hammer 26 8-12800000 10004650050-168-50
Thor would be so proud to see you now.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Master Axe 27 8-121000000 0049765065-1810
This is for you, the master of axing.
Earth Quaker 28 9-121400000 80605308000-194-60
Makes the seas shake and the land tremble.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Emperor's Axe 29 9-122000000 120056490-40-40-2080
Used by Czars to keep the proletariat in line.
Holy Axe 30 9-122800000 0755990090-22245
Blesses you while it cleaves your skull.
Gigaton Mace 31 10-124200000 130063510000-237-60
Knock your enemy out of the park.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Beastmaster 32 10-126000000 14080672000-2520
Keep your uppity pets in line.
El Dorado 33 10-128400000 100100710080120-2680
Its golden glow leads the way to paradise.
Sacrifice 34 11-1212000000 0120749-600-60-284100
Delivers comely young virgins to the gods.
Hell Star 35 11-1217000000 16007891200100-301-80
You’ll see stars when this connects.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Death Scythe 36 11-1224000000 012083001400-318140
Standard issue for all Grim Reapers.
Saint's Axe 37 1236000000 010010001000180-3500
The men of the cloth will tear you a new one.
Diabolic Axe 38 1255000000 20012014002400150-400-100
Overlords and axes-like chicken and waffles!
Beam Axe 39 Item World125000000 020024000200300-600150
They finally combined lasers and axes.
Apocalypse 40 Item World2000000000 12004005200400200500-1400-0
Brings a horrid end to absolutely everything.
Niflheim 20 Dead Breath
Killer's Hall
This icy blade ushers in the newly deceased.Specialist: Professional


Main article: Staff#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"The staff is a weapon that bolsters magic. The staff isn't really effective as a weapon and it doesn't have any skills that you can learn with weapon mastery. But! Weapon mastery will increase the use of magic, and guess what!? As you increase weapon mastery of the staff, the range of the magic spell will increase as well!! Then you can attack multiple enemies from a distance, or heal your group members, and gain more of an advantage in battle. If you're going to make a character mainly use magic, it is best to equip them with a staff. Train up hard and you can defeat all enemies without even coming close to them."
   —Adell's Father

Staves do not have any skills, nor do they provide any bonus to ATK. Instead, staves focus on increasing a character's magical potency and Intelligence. Spell Power starts at 100% at mastery level 0 and is boosted by +3% per level, to a maximum of 200% reached at level 34. Range for all spells is increased by +1 at weapon mastery levels 0, 2, 6, 10, and 15. Similarly, Area is increased by +1 at levels 3, 7, 11, and 16.

Disgaea 2:CM Staff - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Res Hit Spd  
Flavor Text Other
Training Staff 1 030 00405000
A good staff to get you started.
Wooden Staff 2 0-180 00608002
Doubles as a sturdy walking stick.
Bone Staff 3 0-2200 009012020
Check for loose pieces of meat.
Magician Wand 4 1-3500 0413017000
Will not help pull rabbits out of hats.
Pixie Wand 5 1-41100 0018023800
A little fairy dust goes a long way,Specialist: Hypnotist
Cardinal Staff 6 1-51800 00240300010
Hit 70 home runs with this.
Witch's Wand 7 2-63000 0831038000
Handy for casting spells and stirring pots.Specialist: Amnesiac
Crystal Rod 8 2-75000 00390470012
As Clear as a glass scepter.
Rune Staff 9 2-88000 01048057000
Some crazy moon language is carved in it.
Prinny Staff 10 3-912500 0058068086
No Prinnies were harmed while making this.Specialist: Hypnotist
Fancy Rod 11 3-1018000 010690801000
This rod turns into a bouquet of flowers.Specialist: Gangster
Druid Staff 12 3-1124000 008109301212
*Stonehenge not included.
Sorcery Rod 13 4-1232000 0149401070014
Congrats on becoming a real sorceror!
Ancient Staff 14 4-1245000 0010812122-4120
It may be old, but it's still good.Specialist: Hypnotist
Jewel Scepter 15 4-1260000 01612301380018
An expensive, name-brand staff.
Evil Wand 16 5-1280000 0201390155024-10
Completes the look for any evil mastermind.
Earthen Staff 17 5-12100000 00156301730028
Found in a magical pile of dirt.
Mithril Staff 18 5-12125000 024174321920030
Lightweight and good for whacking.
Moonlight Staff 19 6-12160000 0301930212203030
Look mysteriously cool holding it at night.Specialist: Hypnotist
Fairy Staff 20 6-12200000 03221302330060
Only the biggest fairies can hold it.Specialist: Amnesiac
Force Staff 21 6-12250000 060234025560-4020
You won't need a target computer anymore.
Demon Staff 22 7-12310000 080256453020540
Perfect for magic and Halloween.
Chief's Staff 23 7-12400000 00279453020540
Great for slap shots.
Lovely Rod 24 7-12520000 06030303270065
Makes a nice present for your girlfriend.Specialist: Gangster
Crimson Wand 25 8-12650000 60032803530700
Can it...BE any more red?
Holy Staff 26 8-12800000 065354603800060
Smithe the wicked and apathetic.
Wizard's Rod 27 8-121000000 070381040807545
You need a PhD in wizardry to buy it legally.
Oracle Staff 28 9-121400000 0654096043708080
God wants you to die. He told me so.Specialist: Amnesiac
Mystery Staff 29 9-122000000 0904380467800100
What's the big deal? It is a mystery.
Spirit Staff 30 9-122800000 0100468-6049801000
We all need team spirit sometimes.
Doom Wand 31 10-124200000 004996053012080-120
I'll be honest with're doomed.Specialist: Amnesiac
Sun Staff 32 10-126000000 1200531056300120
Wear sunscreen when you use it.
Venus Wand 33 10-128400000 0120564059700140
Sometimes, love hurts.Specialist: Gangster
Prinny Stick 34 11-1212000000 00598806320110120
A warm Prinny for those cold, lonely nights.
Universal Staff 35 11-1217000000 014063306688080140
Knows all. Even what you did last night.
Yggdrasil Stick 36 11-1224000000 10015066980705010080
Just a broken branch, but insanely powerful.
Divine Staff 37 1236000000 0073007900180180
Unleash the wrath of God upon all sinners.
Sage's Staff 38 1255000000 020081012092000240
This will get you into Harvard, no problem.Specialist: Amnesiac
Infernal Staff 39 Item World125000000 2003001300015000240300
For the magically inclined Overlord.
Omniscient Rod 40 Item World2000000000 400600310020036002006001000
Sees you when you're sleeping. How creepy.

Monster (Physical)Edit

Main article: Monster#Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
"You can separate characters that can join your group by human type and monster type. Human type characters can equip the 7 types of weapons: fist, sword, spear, axe, bow, gun, and staff. Monster type characters can only equip monster specific weapons. Monster specific weapons don't have weapon mastery or any learnable skills. But since they don't have any limits, any monster type character can use any monster specific weapon. In other words, you can combine different effects of weapons and customize the monster type character."
   —Adell's Father
Disgaea 2:CM Monster (Physical) - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Res Hit Spd  
Flavor Text Other
Paw Glove 1 030 00600040
Nice and soft. Fun to pet.
Pointy Bone 2 0-180 001000060
Fashioned from rabid rabbit bones.
Goblin Claw 3 0-2200 001500094
Looks like he never washed his hands.Specialist: Witch Doctor
Wolf's Fang 4 1-3500 0021000130
Makes chewing so much easier.
Slimy Membrane 5 1-41100 0628000180
Slimy fashion is all the rage in Europe.Specialist: Alchemist
Crab Claw 6 1-51800 0036800240
It'll clip your twig if you’re not careful.
Scorpion Tail 7 2-63000 0045000318
Be careful not to poke your own head.Specialist: Alchemist
Odd Mandible 8 2-75000 01255000390
Discount special! Buy one, get two free!Specialist: Gangster
Bear Claw 9 2-88000 20066000480
By far the best pastry dessert treat.
Viper Bite 10 3-912500 00780005810
Only one way to get the poison out.Specialist: Alchemist
Bull Horn 11 3-918000 250911000690
Helplessly drawn to bright red objects.
Spikey Shell 12 3-1124000 001052500810
Jumping on this one is a bad idea.
Tentacle 13 4-1232000 0201200009418
Watch out-these things can reach.
Poison Needle 14 4-1245000 02213612001080
This'll only hurt for a second...Specialist: Alchemist
Rose Whip 15 4-1260000 00153002012326
The thorns make it that much worse.
Mystic Horn 16 5-1280000 02217100341390
Mystic horn of a mystic beast.
Tiger Fang 17 5-12100000 40019000015640
Illegal in 38 states.
Lionheart 18 5-12125000 45021000401740
Be proud of your carnivorous heritage!
Golem Punch 19 6-12160000 0023160020193-20
Destructive power of 100 home runs.
Mystic Attack 20 6-12200000 036253002021344
It could strike anywhere at any time!
Organic Power 21 6-12250000 600276400-402340
Mother Earth is here...and she's pissed!
Poor Orphan 22 7-12310000 060300-300-3025660
I’m're adopted. Now get out.Specialist: Hypnotist
Mad Parasite 23 7-12400000 80453250-60662790
This bloodsucker is quite surly.
Dark Aura 24 7-12520000 08035100803030
Are you angry? You look mad. Are you?
Chimera DNA 25 8-12650000 100403786000328-60
That DNA could've come from anywhere.
Pegasus Hoof 26 8-12800000 00406008035485
He's gonna want that back eventually.
Demon Cry 27 8-121000000 070435074038180
Would someone shut that demon up?Specialist: Hypnotist
Titan Fist 28 9-121400000 120046570040409-50
Used in open combat against the gods.
Dragon Anger 29 9-122000000 6080496600804380
Its draconian fury flows like magma.
Demon Fang 30 9-122800000 0100528080046860
This one has a cavity.
Death Wing 31 10-124200000 0120561-50080499120
Is it safe to fly with this?Specialist: Gangster
Asura Arm 32 10-126000000 13005956008553185
Let me give you a hand...of the damned!
Furious Scale 33 10-128400000 0063012001205640
Please don't touch me there!
Devil Matrix 34 11-1212000000 0125666012505980
You can't be told what the Devil Matrix is.
Insanity Eye 35 11-1217000000 013070301301006330
Win any staring contest with this.Specialist: Gangster
Beastial Mark 36 11-1224000000 15010074101500669100
The secret word is '666'.
Immortal Body 37 1236000000 01008401500-100730150
Keeping it in shape is a real pain.
Phoenix Feather 38 1255000000 0200112000250810250
Powerful, but highly flammable.
Satan's Motor 39 Item World125000000 30025018003004003001300300
Do you really need all this horsepower?
Babylon Crown 40 402000000000 1500600400080080080031001000
Crown of the most ancient Overlord.

Monster (Magical)Edit

Disgaea 2:CM Monster (Magical) - Weapon Stats
Name Rank Shop Price HP SP Atk Def Int Res Hit Spd  
Flavor Text Other
The Weak 1 030 00505000
Weakness is a crime.
The Rotten 2 0-180 00808000
Literally rotting, page by page.Specialist: Alchemist
The Dead 3 0-2200 0012012000
Contains the name of every dead soul.
The Sacrifice 4 1-3500 0817017000
Forcibly volunteer your enemy to die.
The Heretic 5 1-41100 0023023060
Nothing is more offensive than the truth.
The Slave 6 1-51800 12030030000
Consider me your loyal pet from now on.
The Puppet 7 2-63000 00381038000
Someone else is pulling the strings.Specialist: Hypnotist
The Demon 8 2-75000 01047047080
Possessed by a semi-literate apparition.
The Delusion 9 2-88000 00570570014
Now you see it, now you don't.Specialist: Hypnotist
The Evil Eye 10 3-912500 00680682000
Don't look at me like that!Specialist: Witch Doctor
The Nightmare 11 3-1018000 01080080016-10
Slumber shall grant you no safety.Specialist: Hypnotist
The Accursed 12 3-1124000 01493-893-8140
What a horrible night to have a curse.Specialist: Gangster
The Dream 13 4-1232000 00107010722100
Oh, it was all just a dream. Or was it?!Specialist: Hypnotist
The Dismal 14 4-1245000 0012225122000
I told myself I wasn't gonna cry...
Lust 15 4-1260000 02013801380020
What's this new tingly sensation?Specialist: Gangster
Gluttony 16 5-1280000 00155015524240
Dine at the all-you-can-eat pain buffet!Gangster
Confusion 17 5-12100000 010173-201730030
I'm calm! I'M VERY FREAKING CALM!Specialist: Amnesiac
Paranoia 18 5-12125000 00192019235-2035
They're all out to get you. Kill them.
Greed 19 6-12160000 40202120212000
Don't stop till you get enough.
Sloth 20 6-12200000 30023330233300-30
I'm too tired. Get someone else to fight.Specialist: Gangster
The Arcane 21 6-12250000 06025502550200
A record of secret societies and rituals.
Hell's Gate 22 7-12310000 40027820278-30020
We're already on Hell's doorstep!
The Phantasm 23 7-12400000 003024530245-250
Nasty? Disgusting? You're not very nice.
Envy 24 7-12520000 080327-303270400
That's a nice jacket. Hand it over!
The Fallen 25 8-12650000 060353035350500
Those who fall have nowhere to go but up.
The Abyss 26 8-12800000 604038030380000
Stare long enough, and it will stare back.
The Convict 27 8-121000000 00408040808040
I'll take the case!
Twilight 28 9-121400000 70043770437-5000
What evil lurks between day and night?Specialist: Armsmaster
Pride 29 9-122000000 06046704677070-70
'Tis pride that turns angels into demons.
the Conundrum 30 9-122800000 004983049810000
Should I stay or should I go?
The Malevolent 31 10-124200000 040530053000100
No rest for the wicked.Specialist: Broker
The Unique 32 10-126000000 005630563801000
You are not a beautiful snowflake.
The Awakening 33 10-128400000 080597059700120
It's time for me to expose myself.Specialist: Mentor
Necronomicon 34 11-1212000000 00632-50632-50150-50
Calls forth the ageless undead.
Wrath 35 11-1217000000 1000668806680-80100
You should learn to control your temper.
Fortune 36 11-1224000000 01007050705120080
I am a leaf caught in the winds of fate.
Chaos 37 1236000000 120150790079001200
All Hell is about to break loose.
Dante's Inferno 38 1255000000 02009201509201801500
Travel to the depths of Hell and back.
The King 39 Item World125000000 20030015002001500450320200
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
The Fool 40 402000000000 10008003600600360014001200800
Life and love make fools of us all.

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