Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories has two unique Specialists called the Lover and the Bailiff. Neither appear in any previous or subsequent Disgaea games. The Lover is, generally speaking, a 1%-per-level everything-boost to the class, and the Bailiff is hardly a 'Specialist' in the normal sense, but rather interacts with the Dark Court/Felony system.

In Disgaea 2 , all non-Lover Specialists are Mothmen, Zombies, Ghosts, or Marionettes; they do not carry any weapons or armor, and their levels are in line with the other Item World inhabitants. The Lovers take on the form of their class-generating characters -- an Adell Lover looks like Adell, a Kunoichi Lover looks like a Kunoichi. Lovers of non-story characters will have no equipment and also be of similar level as the surrounding Item World inhabitants. Lovers of story characters will come equipped with non-stealable copies of the gear that the story character is currently wearing, and are also the same level, with the same stats and resistances, as said story character.

Stat SpecialistsEdit

Name Effect Max
Gladiator Increase ATK 19998
Sentry Increase DEF 19998
Dietician Increase HP 19998
Tutor Increase INT 19998
Marksman Increase HIT 19998
Physician Increase RES 19998
Coach Increase SPD 19998
Master Increase SP 19998

Dual-Stat SpecialistsEdit

These specialists are obtained by using the Mediator specialist.

Name Effect Combination Max
Sniper Increases ATK & HIT Gladiator + Marksman 19998
Muscleman Increase ATK & HP Gladiator + Dietician 19998
Hard Worker Increase ATK & INT Gladiator + Tutor 19998
Sprinter Increase ATK & SPD Gladiator + Coach 19998
Nerd Increase INT & SP Tutor + Master 19998
Patient Increase DEF & RES Sentry + Physician 19998

Elemental AffinitiesEdit

Name Effect Max
Firefighter Increase resistance to Fire 100
Aeronaut Increase resistance to Wind 100
Cryophile Increase resistance to Ice 100

The player cannot use 2 stacks of Level 100 Firefighter to, for example, turn a negative Fire resistance, such as -50%, to 99%. An elemental resistances can be increased by a maximum of 100%, which equates to a Level 100 Firefighter/Aeronaut/Cryophile. In addition to increasing resistance to the specified element, elemental specialists can also help increase the damage of attacks that utilize that element (ie, Cryophiles increase Ice damage).

Status AilmentsEdit

Name Effect Max
Alchemists Add Poison to attack. 100
Hypnotist Add Sleep to attack. 100
Witch Doctor Add Paralysis to attack. 100
Amnesiac Add Forget to attack. 100
Gangster Add Deprave to attack. 100
Professional Increase Critical chance. 100
Coffee Maker Increase resistance to Sleep 100
Medicine Man Increase resistance to Paralysis 100
Pharmacist Increase resistance to Poison 100
Psychologist Increase resistance to Forget 100
Social Worker Increase resistance to Deprave 100

Extra GainsEdit

The specialist's level equates to the % increase. IE, a level 300 manager will give +300% mana. The Statistician (for increased EXP gain) was removed in Disgaea 2, replaced by the Felony system.

Name Effect Max
Broker Increase HL gain. 300
Manager Increase Mana gain. 300
Armsmaster Increase Weapon Mastery gain: See Armsmaster. 1900
Mentor Increase Skill EXP gain. 300


Note on Collectors: should your rarity reach 255, adding another Collector will turn it back to 0.

Name Effect Max
Collector Increase Rarity 100
Bailiff See Bailiff varies
Mediator  % chance to create dual-stat specialists in Innocent Town 100
Teacher Increase the level of a specialist by 5% in Innocent Town 100
Lover Varies by character or class: See Lover 25
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