This section covers items that can not be equipped, but rather used by selecting 'Item' from the attack menu when any one character is selected. No enemy will ever carry them, they can only be bought from the store, or received from the Bonus Gauge. (Or in some cases, the Hospital as a reward).

Something special to note is that these items do not require that the character who uses it receives the recovery. A player's character can use an item, then target another ally to receive the item's recovery. How many spaces away the characters can be to use the items is noted below in the 'Range' field.

Note: For all recovery items, these are what the items normally recover to a character. These values may change due to Specialists or Rarity values for the item.


Food is used to recover HP, SP or both.

Note: Items that recover both HP and SP can only be found off the bonus gauge or received from the hospital.

Name Rank Shop Price HP recovery SP recovery Range
ABC Gum1-52001
Recovers HP. Only 1 previous owner!
Mint Gum*10105002
Recovers HP. Double the pleasure, double the fun.
Recovers HP. Too much will rot your teeth.
Cotton Candy10110025002
Recovers HP. Found mostly at shady carnivals.
Recovers HP. Do you start at the head or the tail?
Recovers HP. They say it’s an aphrodisiac...
Recovers HP. Too much may give you diabetes.
Recovers HP. Likely to induce a sugar coma.
Recovers HP. Not to be confused with Shortround.
Recovers mucho HP. Hot fudge costs extra.
Recovers HP. Ham and pineapple, hold the onions.
Recovers HP. Good choice for college students.
Opened Soda1-5051
Recovers SP. Highly unsanitary.
Unopened Soda*10200102
Recovers SP. Shake vigorously before use.
Garlic Water50600402
Recovers SP. Why would anyone drink this?
Yam Starch1012000702
Recovers SP. Used as a torture method in Hell.
BBQ Sauce15250001303
Recovers SP. Slather it over your ribs.
Egg Yolk203100002003
Recovers SP. Drink this before entering the ring.
Protein Shake254200003003
Recovers SP. Build strong bones and muscles.
Bloody Mary305500004504
Recovers SP. I fight better after a few drinks!
Recovers SP. A little sip goes a long way.
Mushroom Soup39-16000012005
Recovers mucho SP. May cause hallucinations.
Dried Worm2-501573
Recovers HP/SP. Like beef jerky, but horrid.
Caterpillar Egg3-15030123
Recovers HP/SP. Not to be taken orally.
Charred Newt5-30060254
Recovers HP/SP. It didn’t get better.
Chicken Blood7-600150504
Recovers HP/SP. For vampires with conscience.
Snake Kidney9-1500300854
Recovers HP/SP. Do snakes even have kidneys?
Bat Soup12-35007501604
Recovers HP/SP. Waiter! There’s soup in my bat!
Frog Sweat15-750016503105
Recovers HP/SP. Collected from pro Froggers.
Immortal's Pill20-1600034506005
Recovers HP/SP. The pill is immortal, not you.
Recovers HP/SP. Drink of the Eastern gods.
Recovers mucho HP/SP. Cures any battle wound.
Veggie Burger39-10000020102
A veggieburger is NOT a hamburger!
  • Using a 'Mint Gum' will spawn an 'ABC Gum' in the player's inventory.
  • Using an 'Unopened Drink' will spawn an 'Opened Drink' in the player's inventory.


Hands are used to steal items from enemies. For more information, see Stealing.

Name Rank Shop Price Hit Range
Stealing Hand2030202
Used to steal stuff. Try not to get caught.
Plunder Hand102200302
Used to steal stuff. Standard pick-pocket gear.
Cha-Ching Hand1831500403
Used to steal stuff. Hit by a smooth criminal.
Bandit's Hand26410000504
Used to steal stuff. Fit for any cat burglar.
Awesome Hand34-80000605
Used to steal stuff. A truly awesome hand.


Name Rank Shop Price Range
Fairy Dust10102
Cures ailments. Highly addictive.
Mr. Gency's Exit3-50N/A
Escapes from Item World (restart on same floor).