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The Overlord's Daughter[]

Adell's Mother accidently summons Rozalin instead of Overlord Zenon. Now the two travel together, quite unwillingly but bound by the summon, seeking Overlord Zenon. Along the way, they meet Axel the Dark Hero and Etna the Beauty Queen's Prinny Squad. Losing to Axel in this or any later fights gives a special "Game Over" ending.

Rozalin the Liar[]

Rozalin leads Adell to a mansion, finding her servant Tink. Tink has been turned into a frog, but he attacks Adell. After defeating him, Tink joins the party.

Rise of the Beauty Queen[]

The party meets and fights the Beauty Queen Etna. Defeating her unlocks a special ending.

Axel's Scheme[]

In an attempt to make it back on the air, Axel kidnaps Taro and Hanako, Adell's brother and sister.

The Promise[]

Adell leads the party into the Cave of Evil to save Taro. After this episode, Taro and Hanako join the party.

The Colisseum[]

The party hears of a tournament that will allow them to meet Overlord Zenon. Adell enters in hopes of fighting Zenon and reversing the curse. The party meets Yukimaru.

Battle Tournament[]

The party finishes the battle tournament, with Yukimaru joining the party during the course of events.

Zenon Appears[]

The party meets Zenon and is forced to escape. There is no town between these levels, so the party is forced to continue straight through.

Summoned Overlord[]

The party decided to attempt to summon Zenon again. They require a demon nail, which they decide to obtain from Etna. Etna gives them a fake nail, messing up the summon. She is instead summoned and stripped of her levels.

The Two Ninjas[]

Etna sends the party after the Prinny Squad for stripping her levels. The party meets a ninja by the name of Fubuki. Fubuki fights the party. Etna later joins the party.


The party heads to Shinra tower to obtain herbs that will help Etna regain her levels. As they reach them, they find Laharl has eaten them all. Laharl breaks the seal of Rozalin turning her into something else entirely. Defeating Laharl before he breaks the seal gives a special "Game Over" ending.

Castle Raid[]

The party goes to Zenon's Castle. At the gate, they meet the Masked Man and Masked Woman for one final battle.

The Truth[]

The party finally goes into Zenon's Castle and defeats him. Different actions up to this point, such as ally kills and felonies, affect the game's ending, for a total of four different types.


There are 13 hidden episodes which can be accessed through the assembly. One option is 'I Want to see the Ending' and the Cave of Ordeals opening.


In the Dark Hero Days expansion, Axel goes on additional adventures which can be accessed after clearing Adell's story. There are not as many, about 4.