Special ClassesEdit

Special classes are used by unique characters. No other character can have these classes.

Story Characters' ClassesEdit

Axel Mode/Land of Carnage Characters' ClassesEdit

Land of Carnage onlyEdit

Secret Characters' ClassesEdit

Dark Hero DaysEdit

DLC Characters' ClassesEdit

Generic ClassesEdit

Generic classes are classes used by characters that you create at the Dark Assembly, or that you capture during battle.

Humanoid ClassesEdit

Monster ClassesEdit

Classes introduced in Dark Hero DaysEdit

Unlocking Generic ClassesEdit

At the beginning of the game, you can create Warriors, Valkyries, Magicians, Mages, Healers, Thieves, and Prinnies. To unlock additional humanoid classes, you typically need to get characters' weapon mastery with certain weapons up to a certain rank, though some classes have other requirements. To unlock additional monster classes, you simply need to defeat that type of monster in battle at least once. See each class's page for more information.

Unlocking Humanoid ClassesEdit

Fulfilling the requirements listed below will unlock a bill in the Dark Assembly. Pass the bill to unlock the class.

  • Beastmaster: Capture an enemy during battle
  • Sinner: Character with 1 Felony
  • Heavy Knight: Character with rank 3 Spear Mastery
  • Magic Knight: Character with rank 3 Sword Mastery, character with rank 3 Staff Mastery
  • Male Samurai: Character with rank 5 Sword Mastery
  • Archer: Character with rank 5 Bow Mastery
  • Gunner: Character with rank 5 Gun Mastery
  • Ninja: Character with rank 5 Sword Mastery, character with rank 5 Fist Mastery
  • Kunoichi: Character with rank 5 Fist Mastery, character with rank 5 Staff Mastery
  • Geomancer: Perform a Geo Panel color change combo of 500 during battle
  • Majin: Complete the story and start a new cycle
  • Lady Samurai: Have a save file for Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on your PSP's Memory Stick.
  • Celestial Host: Clear Axel Mode Episode 3, Stage 2 "Demon Sashimi"

Unlocking Monster ClassesEdit

As stated previously, monster classes are unlocked by defeating a monster of that type in battle. Below is a list of where each type of monster is encountered for the first time.

  • Prinny: Episode 1, "Tutorial 1"
  • Orc: Episode 1, Stage 1 "Beginner's Field"
  • Spirit: Episode 1, Stage 1 "Beginner's Field"
  • Winged Warrior: Episode 1, Stage 3 "Psycho's Hideout"
  • Marionette: Episode 2, Stage 1 "Banquet Room"
  • Undead: Episode 3, Stage 1 "Poisonous Swamp"
  • Aqua Demon: Episode 3, Stage 3 "Corpse Garden"
  • Flora Beast: Episode 4, Stage 1 "Bloody Valley"
  • Roc: Episode 4, Stage 2 "Life Exchange"
  • Felynn: Episode 4, Stage 3 "Red Waterfall"
  • Succubus: Episode 5, Stage 1 "Glutton's Hideout"
  • Mystic Beast: Episode 5, Stage 3 "Shriek of Death"
  • Dragon: Episode 8, Stage 1 "Sunken Altar"
  • Holy Dragon: Episode 11, Stage 6 "Warped Knowledge"
  • Skeletal Dragon: Episode 12, Stage 2 "Crystalline Maze"
  • Wood Golem: Final Episode, Stage 2 "Time of Trial"
  • Rifle Demon: Final Episode, Stage 4 "Final Decision"
  • Mass-Produced Kurtis: Side Mission, Return of the Defender, "Robots Attack!"
  • Deathsaber: Axel Mode Episode 1, Stage 1 "Rehersal"
  • Great Wyrm: Axel Mode Episode 2, Stage 2 "Two in Dire Rubicon"

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