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Lift and Throw are a duo of basic commands that can be performed by Humanoid units in battle. This page will cover their basic functions as well as advanced applications of them.


Laharl Lifting Etna in Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness

Laharl lifting Etna and aiming...

Laharl Throwing Etna in Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness

...then throwing her 5 spaces away.

Lift allows a unit to pick up any adjacent entity, be it ally, enemy or an object. Throw allows the lifter to toss the lifted entity onto another panel, aiming in a straight line. The straight line restriction was removed in Disgaea D2. In games before Disgaea 6, units that are lifting cannot move. In Disgaea 6 only, Monsters can also Lift and Throw just like Humanoids.

Every class has a Throw IconThrow stat, determining up to how many panels away they can throw another unit. This stat also determines the height limit of the commands:

  • Lift: 6 + 4*ThrowStat (Up and down)
  • Throw(D1 and D2): 17 + 3*ThrowStat (Up only)
  • Throw(D3 onward): 12 + 4*ThrowStat (Up only)

The Throw stat does not grow naturally and there's very few ways to modify it:

Diagonal Throwing[]

While in games before Disgaea D2 the Throw command only aims in a straight line towards a cardinal direction, it is possible to throw a unit into any other panel within range: when the player switches between two perpendicular directions, the cursor will actually move diagonally through all the panels in the way, and pressing the Accept button during that movement will throw the unit into one of those intermediate panels. However, because the cursor movement is very fast, this technique requires a good amount of precision and/or practice to pull off.


A feature introduced in Disgaea 3(retroactively added to rereleases of Disgaea 2) where it's possible to throw a unit on top of a Monster, making them bounce in the direction the Monster is facing. Because of this, Monster units also get a Throw stat, determining how far the thrown unit is sent when bouncing on them.


A basic command introduced in Disgaea 5, and exclusive to Monster units. It allows a Monster to throw a unit adjacent to them without lifting them first. However, since it skips lifting the unit, it cannot be used to perform the advanced techniques listed further down in this page.

This command is not available in Disgaea 6, as in that game Monsters can lift as normal.


Carrying is the act of lifting a unit but ending the turn without throwing, keeping them lifted until the text turn. This has 2 benefits:

  • Lifted units can't be targeted. This can be useful for protecting endangered allies who may not be able to escape or get healed.
  • Lifted units can't perform actions. This allows you to cancel out the turn of dangerous enemies(even bosses). Starting the turn while carrying an enemy(or ally as well in Disgaea 1) makes the lifter take damage equal to 50% of the lifted unit's max HP, placing a hefty cost to this technique.


Tower Disgaea 2

A Tower of 6 units.

Units that are already lifting can themselves be lifted, creating a sort of Tower of units. This chain of Lifts in turn allows for a chain of Throws, letting the player reach faraway places of a stage very quickly.

Disgaea 2 introduced Tower Attacks, allowing all units in a Tower to perform a combined normal attack. Disgaea 4 expanded the concept by adding Tower Skills, which consist of not only attacks but also various utility actions for the Tower.

Enemy Fusion[]

You can throw an enemy onto a panel already occupied by another enemy, and doing so will fuse them into one. The higher level enemy will absorb the lower level one, gaining as many levels as the latter had. If the levels are equal, the thrown enemy will remain in the field.