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Life Exchange is the 2nd map of Axel's Scheme, the 4th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Before the battle[]

Rozalin orders Tink to ask Adell about his missing parents. He explains that they were friends with his current parents, and one day they left on some duty promising to soon return but they never did. Having lost his trust in them, Adell decided to never break promises as to not be like them.

After the battle[]

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Rozalin ponders if maybe Zenon's curse is what prevented Adell's parents from returning. Adell points out that it wouldn't matter as they still decided to leave him(before the curse was even spread), prioritizing their duty over their child. Sadly, his current parents don't remember what such duty even was anymore.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Combine 5 enemies.