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Level grinding, otherwise known as "power leveling" or "training," is an informal mechanic of the Disgaea series. Generally, due to the high level cap of level 9999 (99,999,999 in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny), incredibly high stat caps, as well as the high stored level requirement of 186,000 levels or more to reach the maximum bonus point count for a character when reincarnating, "level grinding" is generally employed to drastically increase the rate of increasing levels.

Stages players prefer to grind on are stages where there are enemies arranged in a 3x3 layout, stages where there are +50% EXP Geo Symbols on the stage, and enemies at a high level that they can still defeat in one attack.

Before doing grinding, Statistician Specialists are acquired and put on items to be equipped by the character who is to gain levels, or in Disgaea 2, the amount of felonies on a character is first grinded up to 300. Acquiring the Statistician innocent or gaining felonies boosts the rate at which experience is gained.

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