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D4 Level Sphere Example

The Level Sphere is a special object that appears in the Item World. It was introduced in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, but was made retroactively available in rereleases of Disgaea 2.

In games before Disgaea 5, if the player finishes a stage(by clearing or skipping) while a unit is lifting a Sphere it will be consumed, granting levels to the item. From Disgaea 5 onward, Spheres grant levels simply by being destroyed.

There's 3 tiers of Level Sphere (green, yellow and red), each granting a different amount of levels:

  • Up to DD2: 5/10/15
  • D5 only: 2/4/6
  • D6 and D7: 1/3/5

In Disgaea 3 and 4, yellow and red spheres only appear during Reverse Pirating. In rereleases of Disgaea 2 only the first tier of Sphere appears.

Level Fish[]

D5 Level Fish Sprite 1

With the Level Sphere rework, Disgaea 5 also includes a special monster called Level Fish that can appear in the Item World.

The Level Fish has the classic function of Level Spheres, where it grants levels if you finish a stage while a unit is lifting it. Just like regular classes there's 6 tiers of Level Fish (Whitebait, Juvenile Fish, Fry, Young Fish, Adult Fish, Cryptid Fish), each granting from 1 to 6 levels respectively.

An important restriction of Level Fishes is that they disappear if the player hasn't cleared the stage by the end of the second turn(extended to third turn if it's being lifted), so the player must finish the stage quickly.