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Legendary Tree is an Evil Symbol from Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. The bill to unlock it becomes available during Chapter 4.

By interacting with this symbol, the player can assign various relationships between the Leader and members. By clearing a certain condition an event will happen when entering the Cam-Pain HQ and the relationship will become set, which grants a bonus to the Leader and makes it so the relationship is kept even after removing the pair from the Symbol.

Relationships that have been set can be broken by passing the appropriate bill for 1000 Mana.

List of Relationships[]

Relationship Requirement Effects
Lover Leader heals(Spells or items) Lover 10 times. Leader regenerates 10% HP at the end of each turn if standing next to Lover.
Comrade Leader performs Team Attacks with Comrade 10 times. Leader has 99% Team Attack chance with Comrade.
Rival Leader attacks Rival and Rival counters with fists 10 times. Leader gets 20% stat boost while Rival is on the map.
Twin Leader and Twin must equip the same three Accessories for 10 battles. Leader gains 20% defensive stat boost for each matching Accessory with Twin.
Mentor Leader uses Mentor's Spells 10 times. Leader can use Mentor's Spells anywhere on the map if both are deployed(they must still be Leader and member of a same Evil Symbol).
Stepsibling Leader uses Protect command to take damage in place of Stepsibling 10 attacks. Leader can Protect their Stepsibling from anywhere on the map.
Archenemy Leader kills Archenemy 10 times. Leader gains 50% stat boost if they kill Archenemy.
Second Cousin Leader and Second Cousin both participate in 10 battles together. No effect


If the player gets the Normal Ending, an epilogue scene between Valvatorez and another party member will be played. Which epilogue is played is controlled by setting a relationship between Valvatorez and said party member:

  • Vulcanus as Lover
  • Fenrich as Comrade
  • Fuka as Mentor
  • Desco as Stepsibling
  • Emizel as Rival

In case of multiple relationships, the top one is chosen. If no relationship is set then Vulcanus' epilogue will play.