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The Land of Carnage, also known as the Carnage Dimension in Disgaea 5, is a special location that was introduced in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. While in the Land of Carnage, most stages will feature significantly stronger enemies, and, prior to Disgaea D2, an alternate hub world is used, with different NPCs providing all functions and services currently available to the player in the normal hub.


Enemy levels in the Land of Carnage are modified according to the following formula: New Level = Base Level × 21 + 200, and the resulting stats for each enemy are doubled. Starting in Disgaea 3, if an enemy's level would go over 9999, then a bonus of 1% is added to their stats for every 20 levels above the cap.

In Disgaea D2, each unit can absorb a very small portion of the stats of every enemy they defeat in the Land of Carnage. The absorbed amount is 0.025% of HP, 0.10% of SP, and 0.25% of other stats. These stats carry over with Reincarnation. The maximum HP and SP any character can absorb is 99,999,999,999, while the maximum for other stats is 99,999,999.

Additionally, the highest rank items (Rank 39 and higher in Disgaea 2, Ranks 35 and higher in Disgaea 3 and later) can only be obtained while in the Land of Carnage.


Disgaea 2[]

The Land of Carnage is unlocked by collecting all 16 Treasure Maps obtained by defeating Pirates in the Item World. Certain unique characters can only be used while in the Land of Carnage, leaving the party temporarily while one is in the regular hub.

Disgaea 3[]

The Land of Carnage is unlocked by completing 25 X-Dimension stages. Those stages are unlocked via the Item World, either by defeating Pirates or from a special shop found in Mystery Gates in the Item World.

Disgaea 4[]

Similarly to Disgaea 3, the Land of Carnage is unlocked by completing 25 X-Dimension stages, which are themselves unlocked by purchasing corresponding Promotionhell Tickets from the Scalper found in Mystery Gates in the Item World, though in Disgaea 4 the player will additionally need to obtain the 6 P Flonzor X ship parts.

Disgaea D2[]

Disgaea D2 does not feature the Land of Carnage proper, instead, a Cheat Shop option called LoC Mode appears after clearing the main story. Enabling LoC Mode will cause the normal Land of Carnage modifiers to be applied, alongside the aforementioned stat absorption.

Disgaea 5[]

In Disgaea 5, accessing the Carnage Dimension first requires meeting a series of conditions:

  • Complete the 4 quests with the following objectives:
    • Defeat an Item God
    • Discover a Level 35 or higher Netherworld through the Research Squad.
    • Clear Chara World on Overlord difficulty.
    • Clear the Final Trial in Martial Training.
  • Complete the 4 Challenge Map quests that are unlocked by completing each quest on the step above.
  • Complete Post-game Scenario 3.

Clearing all these conditions will make a new Assembly Bill appear which unlocks Post-Game Scenario 4, which once completed will finally unlock the Carnage Dimension. Rather than being an alternate hub, a new NPC will appear which lets you enter the Carnage version of regular stages.

Unlocking the Carnage Dimension also unlocks Carnage versions of all items, with drastically increased stats. The Item World of such items has the Carnage modifiers applied to it.