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Laharl's Challenge is the sixth episode of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The episode begins with Laharl reading a letter addressed to the Netherworld, asking all demons who wish to contend for the the title of Overlord to challenge him and wrest the "Deed of the Overlord" from his grasp before he reaches the Heart of Evil in Blair Forest; the date of the challenge being that day. He reveals to Flonne and Etna that the entire thing is in fact a trap: after defeating Maderas, Laharl had simply decided to lure out all possible contenders out and defeat them all at once.

Laharl and friends venture out of the curiously empty castle (all of Laharl's vassals having accepted his challenge) into Blair's Forest. There, they face a series of increasingly ridiculous challenges, beginning with what seems like half the Netherworld's demons appearing, to a supposed demonslayer, the Prinny Squad, an Overlord from another Netherworld and even the Prism Rangers.

Finally, they manage to progress to the Heart of Evil and find only a single opponent remaining: their old enemy Midboss. Laharl defeats Midboss once more, gleefully claiming the title of Overlord. The screen goes black as Laharl's ecstatic cries of "Overlord! Overlord! Overlord!" fade out.


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