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"Time to clean up the Earth!"

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Kogure Souichirou is the main character from the Survival Horror game Hayarigami for the Playstation 2. Kogure is a police officer who has a fear of anything paranormal, which doesn't help when his next assignment is to deal with the paranormal occurrences happening around the city (such as Bloody Mary, Creepy Chain Mail and Alligators In the Sewer).


Disgaea 3[]

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In Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Kogure is a downloadable character. In the game, his Police Superior told him to head to Evil Academy to help "Fix the youth down there". At first, he thinks Mao and the gang are just troubled Goth teenagers and doubted them being demons. After a battle with them though, Kogure realizes that they truly are demons and wishes to leave Evil Academy at once. However, Mao hires him as a teacher, forcing him to stay. The player has to answer several "Self Questions" for Kogure, resulting in slightly Different Scenes by choosing different answers.

In battle, Kogure uses his fists and his special attacks involve several gameplay elements from Hayarigami including "Self Questioning", "Courage Points" and "Logical Reasoning". His high Strength, enhanced by an Aptitude of 150%, makes him one of the most powerful physical fighter of the game, if not of the entire serie. However, he has a terrible Resistance, aggravated by a drastic Aptitude of 50% and -50% Affinity in all elements. Therefore, he can be easily dismissed by any mage or even high ranked Int-based skill.

Makai Wars[]

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Kogure appears as a playable character in the mobile game Makai Wars.