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Just Build It! Big Sis Loveland is the third episode of The Fuka and Desco Show.

Completing this episode unlocks Judge Nemo as a playable unit.


As Desco's emotions were out of control, this led to a super cell division, creating Torn Desco, made up of her torn-up emotions. Torn Desco leads an attack on the Blight House and dethrones Axel to become the president within a day. The Blight House is being rebuilt as Big Sis Loveland, hoping to attract Fuka there, Torn Desco also decides to revise the Prinny Law. Seeing how the revision could change the reincarnation process, Valvatorez decides to go with Fuka and Desco to stop Torn Desco. The Hades Party complete again, the group leaves for the Blight House.

Seeing how Torn Desco decides to fill the place up with flowers, Valvatorez tries to intervene before being stopped by Axel who is now working for Torn Desco. Axel tells Fuka that Torn Desco is doing it for Fuka as Desco and Torn Desco are the same person, Desco can also feel Torn Desco's emotions. They fight Axel, who flees from the scene after being defeated. They head onto the next area where it is being turned into a sweets shop for Fuka. Fuka refuses the sweets, saying she will still reincarnate and Axel tells her she does not get it. Axel is beaten again and retreats. Axel appears to the group and they wonder why is he so determined to stop them. Axel states they must defeat him yet again and is beaten once more. The reason why Axel is determined is because he understood how sad Torn Desco was and how much she loves Fuka as Axel also has siblings who he cares for.

Axel decides to join them to help stop Torn Desco. At the President's Office, they encounter Torn Desco who hire "demon hunks" to attract Fuka when they are really a group of Dragons and Skeleton Dragons. Fuka is not interested in them or Big Sis Loveland and refuses Torn Desco's offerings. Torn Desco calls Fuka stupid and Desco stands for Fuka stating as a final boss, she'll accept Fuka's decision. Torn Desco loses and wonders why she does not want to stay in the Netherworld. Fuka tells her that it is due to a lack of love life energy as she isn't attracted to anyone in the Netherworld. Torn Desco comes to terms with Fuka's decision and fuses with Desco for her to become complete again. Fuka states she will always remember Desco and that there one more thing to do: Take over the world.


  • The Loveland
  • Super Sweets Street
  • Axel's Determination
  • Demon Hunk Troop