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D7 Jumbification Example

A map featuring two Jumbified units.

Jumbification is a gameplay feature in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless that allows units to become giant temporarily.

Battles will feature a Rage Meter that fills when enemies deal damage to an ally(+5%) or kill an ally(+20%). The meter can be filled up to 200%, and any unit can spend 100% to use the "Jumbify" command. Activating the command fully restores the unit's HP and SP and grants the following effects for 3 turns:

  • Positioning: The unit will become giant and stand outside the stage by one of its edges(the player can freely choose any unoccupied edge), from where they can still be targeted by units standing on the stage. Because of this, a stage can have up to 4 Jumbified units at once, although by default the player can only have 1 giant unit at a time.
  • Commands: A giant unit can't move, lift, use skills or use items. Their normal attacks hit a 5x5 area, have infinite range and hits at 133% to 230% Base Power(based on unit's level). They also gain the "Gigaster Attack" command, which works as a skill that hits another giant unit at 203% to 309% Base Power(based on unit's level).
  • Jumbilities: Every class has a Jumbility, which grants a passive effect just like Evilities. A Jumbility is only active while the owner is giant, and their effect is granted to every unit on the map.

The Rage Meter always starts empty, except in the Item World where it's preserved from one floor to the next. Some maps feature Jumbo Treasure Chests, which can only be opened by attacks from giant units but grant 5 rewards. The Jumbificationers Squad improves Jumbification and strengthens squad members during it.

Jumbification of enemies has no turn limit and they don't seem to depend on a Rage Meter, however they often avoid using it until the player does first.