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Items are a group of consumables in the Disgaea series that have various effects when used. In every game there's a General Store specialized in selling Items. Most items can only be used in battle but some can be used inside the Hub World.

Items whose effect depends on its stats can be strengthened from Rarity bonuses, by adding Specialists, or by use of the Item World.

During battle, ally units can use the "Items" command, which lets them spend their action by using a consumable item from the inventory.

While Weapons and Accessories are both types of items, they have their own main pages and lists as their usage is fundamentally different.

Types of items[]


Foods are a group of items that restore a character's HP, SP, or both. The value restored is determined by the HP and/or SP stat of the Food item. Most Foods can be bought from the item shop.

Stealing Hands[]

Stealing Hands(also called simply Hands) are a group of items that enable a character to steal an item from an enemy. Success rate is increased by the Hand's HIT stat(see the Stealing page for full details). Most Hands can be bought from the item shop.


Introduced in Disgaea 2. Bribes are a group of items used only to bribe Senators in the Dark Assembly. Some bribes will induce or remove a special status from the Senator, while others are simply universally liked items that increase predisposition. Bribes are obtained from the Bonus Gauge or from a special shop in a Mystery Room.


Introduced in Disgaea 2. Using a cellphone call an NPCs to ask them for help, and there's different types of cellphones(help in battle, obtain items/HL, increase approval from a Senator party). In Disgaea 3 they are replaced by PA Microphones with the same effect. Cellphones are obtained from the Bonus Gauge or from a special shop in a Mystery Room.

Illegal Tickets[]

Exclusive to Disgaea 3 and Disgaea 4. Each ticket unlocks a specific X-Dimension stage stated in its description, and it remains unlocked even if the ticket is sold. Tickets are bought from a shop in a Mystery Room, but they are very rare and cost millions(or even billions) of HL.

Stat Boosters[]

Items that increase a unit's stats indefinitely. Disgaea 3 and 4 have Serums, which are only lost upon reincarnating. Disgaea 5 has Revenge Shards and Magic Extracts, whose effect is permanent. The amount of stats gained is equal to the item's stats.

Attack Item[]

Only in Disgaea 5. These items act as single-use skills. Their natural stats(ignore Rarity, Innocents and item level) determine the stat scaling and base power of the effect.

Secret Scrolls[]

Introduced in Disgaea 5. Items that contain an Evility of Spell, which is then taught to the unit the Scroll is used on. Can only be used while out of battle.

List of Items[]

For an overview of the items available in each game, please consult their respective pages, listed below.