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A standard Item World floor in Disgaea 4

The Item World is a recurring feature in the Disgaea series that allows you to make items stronger.

How it works[]

It's accessed by talking to each game's corresponding Item World Guide and selecting an item from the inventory or warehouse to enter its Item World. The Item World itself is a series of randomly generated stages(random size, shape, enemies and Geo Effects), and as you traverse through them you can make the item stronger through various means:

The level of the enemies encountered depends on the item's rank, and goes up as the item levels up. Once inside, it's only possible to leave by clearing an Item Boss floor or using a special item called Mr. Gency's Exit.

All games have an Item World tutorial during chapter 3 that requires the player to progress a certain amount within the Item World before moving on with the story. This tutorial also grants some free Mr. Gency's Exits.


Below is a list of various features and mechanics of the Item World, sorted by the game where they were first introduced.


Item Level and Floors[]

Each item has its own Item Level that grows as you clear floors in its Item World, increasing the item's stats. As the franchise progresses there will be different rules on how to gain levels as well as on the amount of floors explorable inside an item.

Item Bosses[]

The Item Bosses are particularly strong enemies that appear on every 10th floor. Defeating Item Bosses helps increase the item's stats.


Items may be inhabited by Specialists, which grant increased stats or various other bonuses. Specialists can be randomly found as units while traveling the item world, and killing one subdues it, doubling its level and allowing you to move it between items.

Killing an Item Boss while an item has a stat-boosting Specialist grants a small increase to that stat.

Disgaea 2[]

Mystery Gates[]

Sometimes a portal called a Mystery Gate will appear on a non-boss floor. These will randomly take you to one of many bonus rooms with useful NPCs or special fights to help strengthen the item.

Innocent Town[]

After a boss floor there's a chance to be transported to the Innocent Town instead of directly leaving. In there you may interact with various NPCs, heal your party, and pass special bills at the Item Assembly.


At the end of each turn there's a chance for a crew of Pirates to invade the current stage, increasing the amount of enemies you must deal with. There's all sorts of Pirates, and every game presents different prizes for killing them.

Disgaea 3[]

Level Sphere[]

After going down a certain amount of floors, a special object called Level Sphere may randomly spawn on each floor. The item's level increases by clearing a floor while a character lifts a Level Sphere. While first introduced in Disgaea 3, they were retroactively added to Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days.

Reverse Pirating[]

Available only in Disgaea 3 and Disgaea 4, Reverse Pirating lets you get in a Ship and invade an Item World-style stage in order to take various prizes.

Disgaea 4[]

Item Routes[]

During exploration of an item it's possible to trigger one of many Item Routes, improving the different rewards that can be encountered in the Item World.

Disgaea D2[]

Bonus Stages[]

Serving as replacement for Reverse Pirating, sometimes a normal floor will be instead a Bonus Stage, containing a large amount of chests, Specialists and Level Spheres. Bonus Stages can appear on any non-boss floor, but most commonly appear on Floor 25, 51 and 76. There is a limit of 3 Bonus Stages per 100 floors.

Kill Bonus[]

From this game onwards, the stats growth of an item can be increased by defeating enemies in the Item World. See the Item Level page for details.

Rasetsu Mode effects[]

If Rasetsu Mode is turned on, the Level Limit increases from 300 to 999, and a secondary kill bonus based on strength of enemies killed in the Item World can be obtained along with the primary kill bonus. The player can also enter any Item even if it is already max level. If a player turns off Rasetsu Mode, the stats of any Item they leveled beyond the normal cap will return to the normal cap in Normal Mode. This can be reverted by switching back to Rasetsu Mode.