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Item Reincarnation is an item improvement system in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless. It allows an item to turn into a different item while keeping some of its old traits. The bill to unlock it becomes available in Episode 7.

This feature is accessed through the Item Worlder, and can only be performed on items whose Item World has been fully explored. There's an initial Item Point cost, after which the reincarnation is done in 3 steps:

  • Cost: The points cost depends on the amount of times the chosen item has been reincarnated, and is equal to ReincarnationNumber^4 * 100, capped at 999,999.
  • New Item: After selecting an item you will be presented with 3 random options to reincarnate into, each of similar rank to the current item and often of the same type. The old item's Rarity is preserved and Item World progress is reset to zero.
  • Stats: The old item's Item Level will be converted into LP, which can be spent to preserve a percentage of the old item's main stats and add it to the new one. Each of the 8 stats has their own inheritance percentage, so you can decrease one to increase another(LP is evenly spread by default). Up to 50% of a stat can be inherited, at a cost of 410 LP.
  • Properties: Lastly, you can select which Properties to keep from among the new item's Additional properties and all of the old item's properties. Up to 1/2/3/4 old properties can be inherited, depending on the item's Rarity category.

Each item keeps track of what item they were originally, as well as their 4 latest reincarnations. There's an Item Enhancement that makes it so an item's next reincarnation will feature the item they were originally as one of the 3 options.

Unlocking this feature also lets you unlock the Item Reincarnators Squad, which grants various improvements like increasing LP and increasing the amount of inheritable properties.