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The Item Duplication mystery room in Disgaea 5

Item duplication, also known as "duping", is a is a common process of obtaining a copy of an item, including its level and innocents. Duping is possible by varying methods in Disgaea 3, 4, and 5; however it is not performable in the first release, 2, nor D2.

This page acts as a general guide to how to preform item duplication using only in-game means, without using cheats or other external game modifications.

Disgaea 3[]

By equipping a character with the Puppy Paw Stick (PPS) and having them kill a Dropout or Clone, the stick has a 20% chance of stealing an item from them. The process is made easier to get desired items by removing all equipment from the character except the one the player wanted. It does not matter how the player kills the Dropout/Clone, any method such as attacking, using Axe skills or other skills including spells will work. The PPS is not guaranteed to duplicate an item for every 1 out of 5 Dropouts. It could take 20 Dropouts for a single dupe or get 3 dupes in a row from 3 Dropouts.

Obtaining the Puppy Paw Stick[]

The Puppy Paw Stick can be obtained as a reward for beating all Diez Gentlemen in the Post Game. After defeating the last Diez Gentleman, the player will get a confirmation message and the PPS as a reward. The Puppy Paw Stick can also be stolen from Shamans present in the Axel Post Game battle and as a reward from the Item World Sphere Collector.

Process difficulty increase[]

The Duplication process has been made MUCH harder due to the Dropouts no longer appearing on every single floor of the Class World and Cloning through Geo Panels has been disabled from the player after an update to Patch 2.00 for the game. The reason for this change is unknown but is described as a Fixed Bug by NIS America. Dropouts still appear but their appearances are now Random.

Item Assembly Trick[]

Despite Dropouts not being able to be cloned in Class World by a Clone panel. It is possible to clone one's own senators with the item he/she would like to duplicate. To do this, fill out all Election Committee spots up to 6 members. Give each member the desired item to duplicate. Go to the 10th floor of any item and Gency out. Save afterward. After saving, go back into the 10th floor and enter the Innocent Town(maxing out Wednesday Team will increase chances of Innocent Town appearing) and check to see if the Item Assembly NPC is present. Enter the Item Assembly and choose a topic with a very low approval rate. Check if there is a clone panel present. Start the vote and hope one of Election Committee senators vote nay. If one of them did, throw them on a clone panel and use a spell like Slumber to stop their movement.

By using this method, a Senator will be cloned with the desired item to dupe, making it very easy to acquire mass copies of the item.

Magichange Capturing[]

Similarly, by using the PPS it is possible for a player to "Steal" a Magichange weapon. However, when doing so you must equip the weapon to a character immediately after stealing it or else the stats will disappear from the weapon completely after the battle, making it worthless. Magichange Weapons accquired from the PPS will not allow a character to have access to Magichange skills but the Magichanged weapon will have very high stats. The best Magichanged weapons can be obtained from Reverse Pirating Floor 100 on a Rank 40 item in the Land of Carnage. The best Magichanged weapons will have far greater stats than a perfected Rank 40 weapon.

For optimal results, create 4 thieves and Level them up to 9999. Give them high movement items such as the Barefoot X. When searching for enemies that can Magichange, check their skill list to see if the enemy has Magichange as a skill. Use one thief to steal the desired Magichange monster's weapon and use the other Thieves to steal all items from the human that will Magichange with the Monster. Not only it will be easier to dupe the Magichanged weapon, the Magichanged weapon will be Rarity 0 which makes easier to have matching rarity.

Disgaea 4[]

In the original unpatched version of Disgaea 4 on the Playstation 3, there was a shop overflow glitch that allowed for trivial item duplication, but this was patched out, leaving the Puppy Paw Stick as the only method. Killing an enemy with it gives a 20% chance to steal one of the items they have equipped.

Obtaining the Puppy Paw Stick[]

The easiest method to obtain a Puppy Paw Stick is by capturing a Felynn-type monster of level 1000+ and torturing them in the Discipline Room to reveal the location of a treasure.

First you must unlock the Discipline Room by passing a bill at the Dark Assembly, which is unlocked after throwing enemy units at least 3 times. Next, you will need to visit Mystery Gates in the Item World until you find the rare Scalper room, which sells Promotionhell Tickets used to unlock the X-Dimension maps. It's recommended to buy as many of these as you can afford, but the only one you will need for the Puppy Paw Stick is the very first one, X-Reincarnation Site. If you have trouble finding the Scalper, save before entering an item on a floor ending in 1 (11, 21, 31 etc.) as Mystery Gates are more likely to appear there. If no gate is present, reload and enter the item again; if the gate doesn't lead to a Scalper, likewise reload and try again.

Use the Cheat Shop to set enemy difficulty to 4 stars or higher and the Felynn in X-Reincarnation Site will be over level 1000 (1088 at 4 stars). Note that to capture this Felynn, Valvatorez will need to be at its level or higher, or it will instead just destroy the Base Panel. In this map you are trapped into a very small space where you won't have room to throw the Felynn into your Base Panel. To maneuver this Felynn into a position where you can do this, you will need to be able to destroy the Null Geo Block at the far end of the room, likely using a very long distance spell. If you need just one more panel of range, you can use a move that will force the Felynn past the No Entry panels, such as the Fist ability Rising Dragon.

Once you have captured a level 1000+ Felynn, torture it until you can negotiate to Find Treasure, which will lead you to a random map with the treasure. Before actually choosing Find Treasure, save your game. If you don't find a Puppy Paw Stick, you will be able to reload and try again. Alternatively, if you find pirate ship parts, you can keep them and capture another Felynn to repeat the process, because keeping the parts removes them from the pool of items you can find and makes it more likely that you will find a Puppy Paw Stick.

Item Assembly Trick[]

The process of using the Item Assembly to duplicate items is much the same as described for Disgaea 3 above, but note that in later releases of Disgaea 4 this is no longer the most efficient method of duplication. See the Battle Suit trick below for a much faster method.

To do the Item Assembly trick, equip a character with an item to duplicate and put them in the Cam-pain Board evil symbol so they will be part of the senate. Enter an item on floor 10 repeatedly until you are offered to travel to Innocent Town, and hope this Innocent Town has an NPC that will let you call the Item Assembly. Choose a topic with a very low chance of success, hope that Clone panels show up in the senate, and hope that your senator votes nay. If all of these random events align, you can choose to pass the vote by force, throw your senator onto a clone panel and put them to sleep, and then kill their clones repeatedly with the Puppy Paw Stick to duplicate your item.

Battle Suit Trick[]

As the above method is very random and can take hours to find the perfect setup to perform the trick, it's fortunate that a new method became available in Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited and Disgaea 4 Complete+. All you will need to do is create a character with the Battle Suit class. To unlock this class, you will need to have finished chapter 8 of the story, and also have a level 30 Warrior and level 30 Heavy Knight. The Battle Suit class learns an ability called Run Wild, which makes it neutral to you in combat, which means you can simply kill it with a Puppy Paw Stick at any time to attempt to steal (and therefore duplicate) its equipped items.

As you duplicate more and more of an item, you can equip it multiple times on the same Battle Suit for increased chance of stealing it, or create more Battle Suit characters to have more of them to kill at once.

Disgaea 5[]

Item duping makes an appearance as an intended game mechanic in Disgaea 5 in the form of an Item World Mystery Room. The Item Duplication room has a relatively low chance to appear compared to other rooms, and this chance cannot be increased by any means. The room appears as a small area of Flowerful with tall pillars and a tower, where an Item God Sage stands at the top. The controlled character cannot reach the top without any jump-boosting enchancements, such as Triple Jump, the Super Jump Evility, or being at a very high level. The Sage will offer to duplicate the item with a chance of failure. However, the odds of the duplication succeeding rises by one percent per one hundred floors cleared (in that item only), reaching a 100% success rate by floor 10000.