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The Item Bosses are special enemies that appear in the Item World.


Item Bosses are stronger versions of a normal enemy that will appear every 10 floors. They have increased stats, give more EXP and HL, and won't actively chase your units until you're in their attack range. There's 4 types of bosses:

  • Item General: Appears in floors 10, 20, 40, 50, 70 and 80. Gives 1.5 times the normal EXP and HL.
  • Item King: Appears in floors 30, 60 and 90. Gives 2 times the normal EXP and HL.
  • Item God: Appears in floor 100 in items of rank 39 or less. Gives 3 times the normal EXP and HL.
  • Item God 2: Appears in floor 100 in items of rank 40. Gives 3.5 times the normal EXP and HL.

While Item Generals and Item Kings can be of any class and tier chosen at random, both types of Item God follow specific rules depending on the game:

  • Disgaea: A Majin with a darkened sprite.
  • Disgaea 2: A random class in regular Item World, a darkened Majin while in Land of Carnage.
  • Disgaea 3: A darkened Masked Hero.
  • Disgaea 4: A darkened Android.
  • Disgaea D2: Randomly chosen class.
  • Disgaea 5: Randomly chosen class.

In all cases, if the item is a Monster Weapon then the Item God will be a randomly chosen Monster class instead.

Stat Bonuses[]

Each Item Boss killed permanently increases the item's non-zero stats, and this bonus grows with Item Level. The base increase is measured around Item Generals, with Item Kings counting as killing 2 Generals at once, and both types of Item God counting as 3 Generals. Each boss except Item General also increases the Item's population slots by 1, up to a certain limit.

In Disgaea 1, each General defeated adds a bonus of BaseStat*(0.1 + ItemLevel/200). This bonus ignores Rarity and Specialists, and is always positive even if the BaseStat is negative.

Disgaea 4 increases the bonus per General to BaseStat*(0.1 + ItemLevel*2/300).

Since Disgaea 5, each General instead increases the item's Training Bonus, which not only boosts base stats but also increases the Rarity value by 1.

Double Killing[]

A feature introduced in Disgaea 2. After killing a boss you can escape with a Mr. Gency Exit, then kill the boss again to get the stat boost a second time.

A certain patch of Disgaea 4(also later added to Disgaea 3:AoD) removed the limit of 2 kills, letting you kill bosses multiple times and increase the item's stats as many times as you want.

Disgaea 5 removes this feature, as now the Item World has infinite floors, and thus, infinite bosses.

Higher Rank Equipment[]

While in Land of Carnage(just regular Item World in Disgaea:HoD) of an equippable item, Item God and Item God 2 will be equipped with the next higher ranked version of the current item type(i.e. the Item God of a rank 30 Sword will have the rank 31 Sword equipped). Stealing it from them is a good way of getting stronger equipment, and is usually the only way to obtain the rank 40 items(the strongest in the game). Note that if the item is already the highest ranked one then the boss will have another copy of it.

It's important to note that the boss will only have the item equipped the first time you enter floor 100. If you leave with an Mr. Gency Exit at floor 100 and then come back in, the boss won't have the item anymore. Thus, those who want to soft reset in order to change the new item's rarity must be wary to leave at floor 99.

Disgaea 5 also adds the restriction that the item must be at least level 80 for the boss to have the new one equipped, otherwise it'll have a copy of the current item, since floors and levels work differently in that game.


Unlike most enemies, Item Bosses in Disgaea:HoD can't be thrown at Geo Symbols to destroy them.

A bug was noted in Disgaea:HoD concerning Item Generals and Kings. If a player defeated one and cleared the level, then chose to continue on in the item world (rather than return to the Overlord's castle), then exited at any point after that, the Item King kill would not be counted. This bug was fixed in the rereleases.